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5 stages of Oculus grief (gRift???)

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So here's my stages this week (My order # is 26xxxxx) after not hearing anything from Oculus

denial- day 1: "they just launched it, maybe the email server crashed or something. Surely I will hear something about my preorder soon"

Anger -2-3: "damn you Oculus for screwing the shipment process yet again!! What the hell? No one have received their notification? And what is up with that one reviewer who tear apart a perfectly working unit?? I swear to god if i see anyone put a Will It Blend on Youtube I will cancel my preorder"

Bargaining - day 3: *skipped this part due to the lack of phone number for me to call and beg

Depression - day 3: *cried myself to sleep, died alittle inside

Acceptance - day 4: "f**k it, I have better things to do, a lot of games to play, movies/tvs/porns to watch, and friends to hangout with (which I will ditch forever as soon as my rift arrives), it will get here when it gets here"

So which stage are you guys in?