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A New Oculus User and His Thoughts on the Beloved Black Box.

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The Oculus Rift can see into the eyes of an infinite amount of characters, from Gordon Freeman to the Dovahkiin. But can it see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Probably not. But it did let me live the life of my favorite protagonists, and now that I've had this hunk of plastic for 2 weeks, I feel I have enough experience to write my thoughts on different games.

Team-Fortress 2
One of the first games I played with the Rift, Team Fortress 2 really puts things in perspective. For example, the Heavy? He runs fast. Like how is it possible to carry a 150 kilogram minigun and still run what looks like 15 miles an hour? And the scout is VERY fun to play with in the rift, especially with the new soda popper. One problem with scout though: If I'm doing MvM as a scout, I can't clearly see how much money is currently on the floor, which can cause problems. I did later figure out that holding Tab to see the money count does work nicely, so that problem's solved. And rocket jumping with the rift can get rather difficult, and I constantly have to look up and down. People would probably mistake me for a metalhead with all the headbanging I have to do to rocket jump.

Half-Life 2
Now THIS is probably my favorite game for the Rift. It might also be paired with the fact that I'd never beaten HL2 before. I'd gotten to Nova Prospekt before, but then got HL1 and wanted to play it first. I finally did, and restarted HL2, this time with the Rift. The first level I played with the Rift was Ravenholm. BIG mistake. Fast headcrab zombies are some scary shit normally. Now put them in 3D and you got a pure nightmare. But I beat it, and I went on to finish Episode 1 and Episode 2, and now I'm really pissed at Gaben for not making episode 3. But that's beside the point. HL2 was fun and exciting and felt probably the most immersive of any game on the Rift. I give it 2 thumbs up πŸ™‚

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
I really want to play more of this game with the rift, but it gives me a headache. Setting everything up for it took a while, and I had to download a bunch of mods to get everything right. Even then, the field of view makes me want to throw up. Maybe I'll eventually get this fixed, but until then, my adventures as the dragonborn must wait before they can become Virtual Reality.

Slender: The Arrival (Contains Spoilers)

So I thought I was ready to play this game in Virtual Reality. I mean, I'd beaten this game quite a few times before, so I thought I was ready for anything. Yeah, I know everything that happens! I know how to win! Piece of cake, right? WRONG. Turns out, Parsec Productions and Blue Isle Studios UPDATED the game since I had last played it. FUCK YOU. The first thing that threw me off was after you go to Kate's house in the beginning and hear the scream, you go into the forest behind her house. When I had last played it, you just walk through the gate, a loading screen appears, and you appear at the Eight Pages level. This time, however, I walk out the gate and I see a generator. Wut. I turn on the generator, and lights go on, as expected of a generator. It illuminates a path to more generators. I don't remember this at ALL. So I follow the path, turning on the generators as I go, wary of Slenderman. I see him atop a hill and have a mini heart-attack, but he disappears, and I never see him again in that level (thank god). I eventually get to The Eight Pages and Into the Abyss, but then I have to leave for dinner. I never got around to playing the next levels until last night when my friends were all at my house to spend the night. I start the game where I left off, at Into the Abyss, and eventually get to The Flashback, and The Arrival levels with only a few (okay a lot) incidences of being completely freaked out. All is fine and dandy; I see the charred body, hear the recording of screaming, and expect the ending I had gotten before - the screen flashes some images and Lauren dies.
So it turns out that, along with the update, came a DIFFERENT ending. I look down the hallway and see the dim fire in the distance burn out. I expect the images, but suddenly Kate appears out of the darkness and throws me so off guard, scares me so much, that I actually ripped the Oculus off my face and started crying. FUCK THAT SHIT. And of course my friends were hysterical.
But the game didn't end.
The rift and my monitor were mirrored so my friends could see what I saw, and I looked on the monitor after having ripped off the Rift, and saw that the game was still going. Not wanting to put the rift back on, I angle the rift so my character looks up, and I see Kate the Proxy sitting on a staircase, waiting for me to do something. I walk up towards her, and she jumps at me and screams, and I scream along with her. But then she sits back down, like she's expecting me to go somewhere. At this point, to keep my sanity, I quit the game. Now I'm really curious how the game ends, but I'm reluctant to go through that again, especially since I don't think my game got saved (I Alt+F4'd). In conclusion, never have I ever been so freaked out in my life. Good job Parsec Productions and Blue Isle Studios.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my review, and I hope you know now not to make the mistakes I did and play a horror game in the rift without realizing that there was a bunch of new content added. @_@


lol always good to read first impression threads.

it's so weird that you had more nausea with Skyrim than TF2. it's the exact opposite for me, as all the fast ups and downs in TF2 just make me want to barf. However skyrim does take some tweaking to get just right, depending if you are using Tridef or Vireio. once you do however, the game is amazing. it is also incredibly important to get at least 60 FPS when running Skyrim, otherwise you will get nausea very fast.

I haven't tried Slender but i have tried Outlast and i have to agree that horror games are a total trip with the OR. However, the dark settings are not good with the current low resolution dev kit. With the screen door effect it always ends up looking too dark, too "blurry" or "mudded" (like if you have dirty glasses on) and i always find myself really straining my vision.

Now you know what we mean by "it's impossible to explain how the Rift feels to someone that hasn't actually tried it". The 3d effect is incredible and the immersion is insane, so much so that you want to reach out and touch things around you. Welcome to the community.

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Oculus Rift Horror games gonna need to come with a warning.. I played DreadHalls, and couldn't finish the game cuz I was too scared.

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Morenosuba yeah, I probably just need to tweak the field of view more. I'm using Vireio and a bunch of mods I saw recommended on a website for VR gameplay. Mods that add first person player models, mods that let you move the location of things on the HUD so you can see them in the rift, etc. I was told to set the Field of View in Skyrim to 120, but when I have it set to that and look around, the sides of the screen have the fishbowl effect that comes with having the FoV too high. Perhaps if I sit down and get things set up, I can get it. Another problem with it, though, is that I can't see inventories at all. They're too far left for the words on them to be legible. Then again, the page also had me get a mod that changes how inventories work. That will probably take some tweaking too. Here's the website in case you're curious:

And yeah, I have no problem running Skyrim at 60 FPS. So it's definitely something with the tweaking.

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Hahaha, good read OP.

Did you get nauseous at all in HL2? I tried it months back and couldn't play longer than 10 minutes without feeling nauseous. I could play TF2 for hours without nausea, but not HL2...

Get yourself a good steering wheel (above $200) and play some ETS2 and LFS.

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Cantcurecancer not at all. I felt no nausea whatsoever in HL2, or in any game for that matter (except of course Skyrim, as stated before). Though after a good amount of rocket jumping in TF2 my head does start to spin a little.

Raidho36 While that does sound like it would be really neat, I'm not in to racing games enough to spend that kind of money on a wheel πŸ˜›

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Cool review can't wait for AAA games to be designed for rift.

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Definitely. When the Oculus becomes more mainstream, our VR Libraries will hopefully be loaded with AAA games πŸ™‚