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A possible solution to FPS Locomotion (Demo Included)

Level 3
This post is in reference to the recent discussion on Reddit here: ... ion_in_vr/

The camera is scaled 20 times its normal size making the world seem miniature. Now when the player moves, it feels like your moving a few inches instead of a few meters. This is how Lucky's Tale works.

However, there's still the problem of rotation induced sickness when the camera isn't on a fixed movement path. A lot of games and demos use 45 degree snapping to cure it. This works even better in 3rd person because your rotating around the character in front of you and not rotating around yourself.

The cross-hair can be a problem too. Some of the experiences I have tried render the cross-hair on top of everything else. When the cross-hair is behind an object it comes forward and scales itself accordingly. For me, this gives my eyes major strain. First, if the cross-hair hits an angled surface, half of it will be inside the wall and still render on top which creates a convergence issue. Second the scaling is un-realistic and pulls me out of immersion.

To fix this I have the cursor rendered just like any other object in the scene. When it is behind another object, it comes forward and lays flat on the surface so it doesn't clip into any objects. It also does not scale when it comes closer. To me, this feels the most comfortable and natural.

Try it for yourself and tell me what you think. I would love to hear your feedback. Maybe I'm flat out wrong on some of the points I made. lol I have included the ability to adjust the scale and position of the camera for personalized comfort.

3rd Person demo scene download (Windows 12MB):!PB5wjawZ!VYNWo4rfg ... dfFERg9aVA

Level 4
I think a lot of the problems occur because of the walk-where-you-look paradigma (which is alo mentioned it the reddit thread btw).It's totally unnatural. I tried to do this in real life (keep your body straight but walk into the direction you look). It makes you sick (don't try running 😄 ).

So we need to decouple the movement from the direction where your head is looking at (which is exactly what happens in real life). A lighthouse technique can provide that, whereas previous tehcniques couldn't. At least so far I haven't seen that properly working without drift (which causes nausea as well).

Level 3
Yea, I totally agree. I forgot to put that my demo scene fixes that too. It moves in the direction your body is facing. The DK2 camera does a pretty good job of eliminating drift, so on the PC side of things thats not much of a problem. Try it out and let me know what you think 🙂

Level 2

Hello. I am trying to get my OVR player to resize in my project to enter into a small cave to exit the game. I would like to see the sample you had but the decryption key doesn't work.

Is there a way to make the OVR player BIG or SMALL with controller?