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A terrible experience for Meta Quest 3 users in the Middle East and North Africa 😫😿

Honored Guest

60-1-e1671190571742.jpgI understand your frustration! It's surprising that Arabic isn't available on the Meta Quest 3 keyboard or language menu considering the large number of Arabic speakers who use Meta products. Here's how you can address this issue:

1. Let Meta Know:

  • Community Forums: Meta has a community forum where users can discuss issues and request features. There's a thread about adding Arabic to the Meta Quest 2 ([similar forum thread]). You can add your voice to this thread or create a new one specifically for the Quest 3.
  • Support: While Arabic support might not be officially available yet, you can contact Meta support to inquire about potential workarounds or future plans for adding Arabic.

2. Explore Alternative Solutions (Temporary):

  • Third-Party Keyboards: While there aren't official options in the Meta app store, there might be third-party keyboard apps that support Arabic. Explore online resources to see if any are compatible with the Quest 3.

3. Raise Awareness:

  • Social Media: Share your experience on social media platforms like Twitter, tagging Meta to raise awareness about the lack of Arabic language support. This can put pressure on them to prioritize adding it.

Hopefully, by combining these efforts, Arabic language support will be added to the Meta Quest 3 soon.