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AAA Experiences coming to the Rift (2018-2019)


So much to look forward to for Rift owners over the next 2 years,

First up, a new game in the Echo franchise (no game footage but a big 'ol teaser video). It looks like the makers of Lone Echo and Echo Arena will be releasing a flight-based game, Echo Combat:

Second, the folks who made Titanfall are teaming up with Oculus Studios for something potential grand in 2019:

And of course, Marvel Powers is still en-route, with the latest reveal being Thor:

A few more games added to the list,

A personal favorite of mine (although this may not necessarily be a true AAA Experience); Episode 2 of Albino Lullaby. The first episode captivated me. It was one of the very first games in 2016 that kept me on my feet for 3+ hours straight.

Probably one of the scariest games to ever come to VR is back in development: Allison Road.

Here's a Counter-Strike inspired multiplayer FPS, Alvo

A new exploration/adventure game, Anamorphine

Apex Construct is a game that combines the Archery concepts in VR with a full adventure:

Empire is a “VR Stealth” game where “Metal Gear Solid meets Golden Eye 007”

Evasion takes the concepts we’ve seen with Space Pirate Trainer and VR Invaders, and places it all in a multiplayer setting with a full campaign.

"Inspired by the likes of Spaceteam and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Failspace promises hours of co-op fun in VR. One to five players team up to take care of their ship as it falls to pieces around them. Expect loud squabbles and screams of panic as you work against the clock."

In Death is a Dark Souls-esque action game:

Shaman Spirithunter was announced earlier this year, and still on track for a 2018 release:

Space Junkies... a multiplayer VR-Arcade shooter:

Apparently the company, Raw Data, has decided to remind the world that Wii Sports is alive n’ well in VR. Their latest project, Sprint Vector, lets players use swinging movements to race.

Transference looks… unique, to say the least.

"Unknown Fate promises a full first-person adventure for VR in
which you’ll explore a fantastical new world filled not only with wonder
but strange enemies and a range of puzzles. This looks like it could
have some of the most surreal sights yet seen in a VR game."

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Playing as the Hulk in Marvel Powers United is going to be fucking AWESOME! One of my favourite superheroes! B)

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Hopefully the big one Resident Evil 7. Instead of watching it on Youtube Zen and feeling it weren't that great you'll be able to experience it first hand. Hopefully it will be a free update although I think this might be wishful thinking.

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Really looking forward to seeing what Echo Combat is like. Echo Arena has been one of my top games of the year. The Respawn game has potential too. I’m not typically a big multiplayer guy, but I enjoyed both Titanfall games. 

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Well, I am looking forward Marvel Powers United but I would not call Oculus Studio Triple A yet. Ready at Dawn, while being founded by senior devs from  Blizz and Naughty Dog and delivered epic games liek Daxter..I found their VR multiplayer game rather "meh". (Not my cup of tea atleast) and I expected something better. Echo Combat therefor isn't really a triple A title to me.

I am however very interested to see what Respawn Entertainment can bring forth though.

There's obviously Skyrim VR from Bethesda coming in 2018 and I believe Square Enix has a VR title in the works as well.


Hmm.. out of these 3 I would say only the one between Respawn and Oculus could count as a Triple A title. Echo Combat is  for it's standards still an Indie Game by an Indie Developer and well Oculus Studio's isn't as well established yet to count as Triple A either.

The concept of "AAA" applies to the output of the software and the overall experience it provides. The idea that only certain studios that meet a superficial criteria are the only ones qualified to produce a AAA quality game is a farce.

As for Oculus Studios, there is no other studio in the VR Software industry that is more established.

I have no interest in Skyrim VR for the same reasons I kept away from Doom and Fallout VR: I do not consider "flat games" having VR added as an after-thought to be "AAA VR experiences." I think that these types of projects are good for VR as a whole, since it does add more software to the ecosystem; plus there is a market for throwing VR in to older games. However, I'm only interested in new ideas that are purely VR-centric.

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@Zenbane Actually Triple A refers to Mid size and major developers who have software under their name that are  very well received. unofficial title of course.

I am not saying Skyrim VR is good, the fiasco of just slapping it on is rather appearent in Fallout VR and Doom. However Bethesda is a Triple A developer which multiple Triple A titles on their name. I just wanted to mention it's release for those who were interested.

In my honest opinion I rather see Bethesda making a new RPG, be it Elder scrolls or Fallout or something completely new with full VR support from the ground up instead of another re-release.

Also.. we need more RTS / RPG games for VR >.>

They need to remake r.u.s.e for vr i bloody loved that game yet it failed miserably and shut down for some reason 


@Zenbane Actually Triple A refers to Mid size and major

AAA gaming experiences existed before the phrase "AAA gaming experiences"

Nonetheless, lets focus on the second part of the WikiPedia entry for this phrase:
"A title considered to be AAA is therefore expected to be a high quality game or to be among the year's bestsellers."

It is entirely possible for a game to be high quality and a bestseller without it being developed by a mid-size or major studio. What you are referring to is the expected guarantee of a AAA game simply because it is developed by a studio with a big budget. However, this is not necessarily a prerequisite. Talent, skill, dedication, and passion are all that is required to put forth a AAA experience.

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Im waiting for the D cell gaming experiance!