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AMD & Quest 2; Why does it suck? Upgrades?

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I just bought and built a system with a Ryzen 7 7800X3D and an XFX 7900XTX
I thought this system would work perfectly with VR but I get horrible stuttering and other issues while playing. Quest Link doesn't work either as my GPU isn't supported (for some reason?)
I've been thinking of getting a different headset, and while the Quest 3 is affordable, should I really trust it with my specs?

The general consensus has always been that Nvidia have better encoders for getting the graphics to the headset, it's kind of difficult to find actual data, just user comments, including here on the forum over the years. So if anyone asks me, I'll advise on NV.

Some VR tech such as Valve state that Nvidia are the only GPUs supported for Steam Link. One of the Pimax headsets didn't support AMD (I think it was the 8KX DMAS and Varjo state Nvidia only. They don't say the reason and they may work but I suspect it's all about the encoder performance, either frame rates or stutters.

VR still has a relatively low userbase so it's probably not surprising that some hardware companies on the PC side don't really see it as a priority in developing something like encoder performance but it'll improve.

I also advise against installing any graphics accelerator apps such as Afterburner, they've just caused me problems in VR. GeForce Experience is something else I don't install now as that's led to issues for me in the past.

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I have a Radeon RX 570 Series Card and can use Meta Quest Link. I use AirLink.

The card is equipped with VCE 3.4 video encoder and (using HEVC) can deliver up to 2416x1296 at 72Hz if my calculations are correct. Not very good, but it does not have the power to deliver good 3D graphics at this resolution either 😉

The 7900XTX is Navi31 and thus should be equipped with VCN 4.0 video encoder which is 11(?) generations newer. I would bet that it can deliver higher resolutions at higher frame rates than VCE 3.4.

Meta Quest Link uses AMDs Advanced Media Framework (AMF) which supports VCN, so there should be technically no Problem...

Can you tell why Quest Link does not run?