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Active HDMI to DP adapter that you use

Level 3

As mentioned - appreciated for direct links with your HDMI->DP adapters (active right?) that you use and it works. I bought 2:

Mcab DisplayPort HDMI, 0.15 (passive).

And none of it works - passive gave me vertical red lines and the other one damaged one of my cables so I skipped it and didn't try with the 2nd cable I got from support.

Appreciated for your help guys - I'm using PC both as gaming device and as HTPC so HDMI is reserved to Denon AVR + TV. So at this point I either need to switch from Oculus Rift to Oculus Rift S or get a card with USB-C + adapter (USB-C -> HDMI). Both of solutions are costly at the moment, moreover top cards with USB-C are too big to fit HTPC box.

Thanks in advance.