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Adding Touch - question on sensor placement

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Hey gang,

I have been running my Rift for about a month now, and absolutely love it! Using it mainly for combat flight simming at this time, but I would like to get into some other games and the Touch titles are very interesting to me. So I am planning on ordering the Touch controllers probably today.

My office desk is in the garage, which is climate controlled. Currently I have my 1 sensor sitting on my desk, to the left side of my desktop monitor, angled up slightly toward the headset. So far it has been working fine in this way.  So when I get the Touch controllers with it's sensor, wonder where would be the best place to put it? Maybe on the right side of my monitor like my other one is setup on the left? Not sure if the USB cord though will be long enough , my pc tower is sitting on the floor just to the left side of my desk.  I am facing a wall here in the garage, but I am looking directly at a window. Perhaps they could be mounted on the wall on each side of the window, not sure how that would work out, that would put them probably around 5 ft away.

Anyway just trying to plan ahead a little and see what some might think, thanks for any feedback.

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Probably on the right side of the monitor would work best.
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Great then that will be easy enough, thanks for the feedback!

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Ok so I thought I would report back - received my new Touch controllers yesterday and just got finished hooking them up. All went well, I was able to place the sensor for them on the right hand side of the monitor as mentioned, the USB cable was long enough thank goodness.

One thing I found interesting, during the initial setup I had the sensors on the left and right angled in toward my head, and the setup for the Touch did not like that. I ended up with them more looking straight out than angled toward my head, which made the setup for the Touch controllers happy. I have tested and all tracking seems to be running good so far.

Now to just learn how to use these things and find a game or two to get for them.
Kind of brings me to another question, I have Oculus Home installed to my C:\\Program Files folder - which I believe was the default installation folder during setup. As I purchase games, can I install them to a different directory or are they all just going to install to the same Program Files directory?
To clarify, I am talking about games purchased through Oculus Home.


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You are asking Frequently Asked Questions, and should probably hit up the FAQ. But in brief:
1) Sensor placement - yes, they should face straight forward as the setup guide (and interactive setup process) suggests. Unless you want to set up with 360 degree viewing, which is experimental, in which case:

2) There isn't a Steam-like "other games directory" facility, games will go to that location. To move to another drive you'll have to uninstall and reinstall Home, I'm afraid. If you have games already downloaded, you can save on re-downloading them:

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Great, thanks for the tips and the links!