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All Meta Accounts Will Soon Be Asked To Confirm Age


Soon every Meta account will receive a request to confirm their date of birth. This will be done by entering your date of birth again.

You will have 30 days to respond otherwise your account will be locked until you do enter the date.

If your birthdate is wrong, you can have it corrected by verifying your identity (using either ID or a credit card (most likely the typical $1 payment that is then refunded, but that's just a guess).


(I assume people who have verified recently might not get the request. Or developer accounts that have credit card details on file already. But I don't know, it could be everyone)

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Interesting. If it is tied to a Facebook account, then it should have the age automatically.

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That'll be fun proving a date of birth for a fake name, will they be refunding people's purchases of software and hardware if they are locking accounts? I'll let them slide on my Gear VR and Rift S but I've only just bought the Quest 2 so I'll have to get that refunded.

Meta's T&C's state that your real name isn't a requirement when setting up an account but it is recommended.

I doubt you're the only one who gave a proxy name, it just means potentially additional steps when asked for verification. Same deal if your account or software purchases ever needed to be recovered or your headset stolen or fraudulent activity reported from someone else using it etc.

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I still have not got an email on this or a pop up in headset to confirm my age.  Not getting answers on what to do either.  

What do you mean with "Not getting answers on what to"??

Until you did not receive a mail, you don't have to do anything.

Btw. I also haven't got any mail yet.