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Am I ready to go for room scale?

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So I purchased my rift+touch combo on friday morning and had my tracking number by friday so im pretty excited, then got to thinking if im going to do this I might as well go for full shit and ordered a 3rd sensor as well. But then I started reading and realized its not so simple due to USB lengths and USB controller bandwidth.

So I just want to make sure im 100% good to go with everything I ordered and see if I missed anything:
1) USB Extension Cable To reach the sensor on the far right since the included 8ft on the sensor wont be enough
2) USB PCIE expansion card To add a new controller for USB bandwidth, I plan to bring my second and 3rd sensor to this one and my 1st sensor and rift HMD to the mobo
3) Camera Mounts So I can mount all sensors on the wall just below the ceiling

Each sensor will be 7.5ft up the wall, is this a goo layout for getting a proper room-scale setup going? Just need to know as the extras will be shipping tomorrow form amazon so If I need to change/add I should do it tonight/in the morning lol

I've added a crappy sketch of my play room, blue circles being the sensors on the wall and the yellow lines being where I plan to aim them.


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Looks pretty good although I've heard you should have your sensors and varying heights to get maximum coverage. If you've got them all looking downwards you could obscure your touch controllers if you reach for something on the ground. I'll be setting mine up tonight and I've got a tall tripod for one and then the other two at around waist height.

I've bought the exact same setup as you but my space is a few feet smaller in both directions. My 3rd sensor arrived on friday and came with a 16ft extension (usb 2.0) cable so it'll be taking the furthest point from my PC.

Something to keep in mind, only two of the sensors need to be on USB 3.0 (in the guide it actually specifically says not to put the 3rd into a 3.0 slot). Be sure any usb extension cables you buy for sensors 1 and 2 are usb 3.0. I don't think there would be a problem having the 3rd on usb 3.0 but maybe not all from the same controller. I bought a PCIe usb 3.0 card only to find out that my motherboard had 3 slots anyway...

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Volunteer Moderator
Looks good. If you're extending your USB more than 6-10 feet, you should look at getting active extensions (I don't know if they make active extensions shorter than 16 feet). Also, the third sensor comes with a USB2.0 active extension cable, so if you want to try running it on USB3.0, you'll need to replace that cable.

If you're adding a PCIe card, you shouldn't have trouble running all your sensors on USB3.0, which will give slightly more accurate tracking.

I'm waiting on my third sensor to be delivered in a couple days, as well as a bunch of cables to extend my sensors and my Rift. Two sensors have served me pretty well for the past year, but Echo Arena has convinced me that I need to extend my playspace a little further away from my monitor and PC.

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ya I plan to use the included usb2 extension cable for the 3rd sensor, the 10ft USB3 cable I purchased will be for sensor two on the right of my entertainment stand