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Amazing things are so close yet so painfully out of reach

Honored Guest
So, I was playing Cyberpunk VR mod just recently, in the DLC area, and for some reason I was randomly hit by a sensation of hyper immersion from the detail of the environment.
It was kinda strange since I haven't really gotten such a strong sensation even from Alyx or fully modded SkyrimVR.
Unfortunately it only lasted for a moment, it dissolved pretty quickly when brain got reminded of the many janky aspects of the VR mod, the auras, the facegun, no IK body, no HIGGS, etc
Right afterwards I was hit by an equally intense burst of frustration and sadness that we don't have a VR framework at the level of fully modded SkyrimVR for this game (and many others.) VRIK, HIGGS, etc would make Cyberpunk in VR truly amazing.
So anyways, that's my emotional rollercoaster in 30 seconds lol. Afterwards I went back to enjoying slicing up scavs with my bullet time katana build and life goes on.

We've just got to enjoy the journey.

I pity the many people who have put a headset on a few times but just for 5 minutes or so, with their friends and family close by, laughing and shouting commands.  You just can't beat an hour or 2 alone getting fully immersed in a AAA game.

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3