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Another Rift/Vive comparison, but this one is mine. ;b

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This is a list of my experiences with Vive as a VR enthusiast not in either camp. I ordered both HMDs within five minutes but just got told I have another month or more to wait for Rift, while I've been playing Vive for a week now... I'm pissed off about that... But I think I can offer an educated opinion at this point, since I've had DK1, DK2, and now Vive.

My thoughts on Vive:

1) It is as much better than DK2 as DK2 was better than a
normal computer monitor. The awesomeness of room-scale and touch
controllers CANNOT be overstated. When I first heard of them I thought
they were a silly gimmick, and I couldn't have been more wrong. You
REALLY want this, even if you don't know you want this yet. Vive is the
headset to beat!

2) It is not as uncomfortable as everyone is
saying. Now this could just be because I have a husky head, but I
suspect users complaining about discomfort with the Vive haven't
adjusted the three headstraps properly. They come out of the box totally
wrong, and if you just put it on and go, I don't doubt it would start
to hurt. I have worn the Vive for FIVE HOURS straight, broken only with a
single bathroom break, and I had zero discomfort on my nose, cheeks,
face, head, anything. Zero. I could have continued for hours more.

The Vive cord is as thick and beefy as it is to protect it. In heated Hover
Junkers battles, it WILL get trampled. I'm glad it's as big as it is,
even if that makes it more unwieldy, it should keep it safe from the abuse it will inevitably get. If Rift's cord is any smaller, I
fear for it in standing/room scale games.

4) Having used the
Vive and seen the screen resolution improvement over DK2, even though I
don't have Rift yet, I can confidently say that Rift will just be an
evolutionary improvement over DK2. Same seated experience, same head tracking, same controls. Vive, however, is a revolutionary
improvement that has given me indescribable new experiences! Anybody on the fence about this, angry over Oculus' botched
launch, wondering if roomscale and touch controllers are really worth
it, my answer is a resounding YES. I am SO glad I got a Vive, and I
don't hardly even care about Rift anymore, though I'm keeping it on
pre-order for reasons you'll see below.

5) There has to be a downside to the Vive,
right? Well, yes. Possibly. I only have one seated game for the Vive so
far, Albino Lullaby. Ignoring the ATROCIOUS VR implementation of the
game, it has a problem I am worried about with Vive. Namely, my
desk/chair are of course not within the roomscale play space, they are
off to the side. When I go to sit down to play Albino Lullaby, I am of
course stepping outside of the chaperone bounds. Being outside it means
the boundaries glow brightly, warning you that you are outside the
space, and I can't find a way to turn them totally off! Turning them to
developer mode gets rid of everything except a box around the floor, but
that box stays there, hovering in my vision the whole time I'm trying
to play. If someone knows how to get rid of this completely for seated games, please let
me know!

Anyway, what this all means is that tentatively, I have
to give the nod to Rift for seated experiences like Project CARS, Elite
Dangerous, Eve, and anything else of that nature, at least based on what I know now. Unless the chaperone
box can be completely removed, it is a crippling annoyance that won't go
away when you try to sit down and play. For everything else though, Vive destroys Rift... and if
chaperone can be removed for seated games somehow that I haven't
found... then even moreso, as there is then absolutely no downside. The leap in realism from motion controls and standing/moving just has to be experienced to be

So those are my thoughts in a nutshell. If you can only have one, get Vive!

And don't throw the 'fanboy' epithet at me. I was squarely in Rift's camp, preferring it to Vive. I ordered a Vive just to have both, but fully expected to prefer Rift over the gimmicky nature of Roomscale. I was wrong. Roomscale is no gimmick, and I've changed my opinion completely!

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AntDX3162 said:

I was thinking it was the read borders to know where objects are is.  The green rectangle looks bad..

It seems to be a common misconception, but the base stations are not scanners. Their function is similar to a lighthouse, hence de name of the tracking system.

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Me too, i have a Vive and DK2.  I adjusted the three headstraps properly and feel very confortable.

A feature that i like present but not enable by default in Vive: You can view the real-world in system area without need remove the headset (Vive headset have a front camera).

Vive software show in realtime the position of tracked object (two base station, hmd, 2 controller) and also send in realtime a stream of the front camera video. All with a single USB2 cable connected to my PC. I don't understand the technical reason why Rift require 3 USB3.

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Aren't you guys all compared out yet, I am. 🙂


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another clickbait post.. no actual comparison meh

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Hiya Trisk! Thank you for posting a review. Interesting read. Getting both the Vive and the Rift sometime in May. Can't wait! Reading user reviews makes the wait 'easier'...
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There are already experiences, like MARS 2030, suffering from being  designed for lowest common denominator - XBOX360 gamepad - because touch is not included. No-one can poison VR well unless its OCULUS being overtaken by surprise and then nothing else than $$$ matters.

Level 8
Trisk. I'll ask you the same thing I asked ThreeDeeVision:
I feel I'm way over hyped on Vive right now and need to be brought down to earth. Please tell me ANYTHING negative you can about Vive. Dropped frames, loss of tracking, optics, general glitchiness, anything. Be completely brutal.
Not a Rift fanboi. Not a Vive fanboi. I'm a VR fanboi. Get it straight.