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Any games in VR and 3d movies

Level 3
Hi guys! First of, congrats and cheers to all the VR fans, 28 will be commemorated as a VR day, I'm sure.
Now to business and please excuse me if this has been answered before, but first, I've not found any definitive answer and 2nd, let's put it all together, shall we? As I'm sure I'm not the only one who is curious about this.

1. I know that on DK2 you could run almost any game. One of my mate showed me GTA 5 played in DK2. So will you be able to play any (almost) other game in CV1? I personally would love to play my regular games in VR as well - i.e. Witcher 3, Fallout 4, heck, even Civ 5 BNW, i think it will be awesome. Do you think / know there will be official suport implemented OR 3rd party "adaptors"?

2. Apart from gaming, I'm also keen on 3d movies. I have a collection of Blue Ray 3d movies (can be ripped to iso files and played for example in PowerDVD, that's what i do, watch it with 3d projector and 3d glasses) and I would love to watch them in the rift. I don't see a technical reason why this should not be possible. 

Thanks in advance for your thought!

Level 8
Dk2 could not run almost any game by itself, it would only run apps specifically made for VR. There are a couple apps that let you play other games not made for VR, VorpX and TriDef are the ones that come to mind, I'm sure at least one of those will be updated for CV1. Note however that games not made for VR have a very good chance of making you ill, especially first-person games.

Level 4
Like Dreamwriter said, you will need 3rd party software to play non Rift games. The two he listed are good, and VorpX has fantastic support and generally gets working with AAA games days, if not hours, after they release. However, they both cost money. If you are a miser like me then Vireio is a good solution. Its free and it works. I don't think its as refined as VorpX (i havn't used it) but something to keep in mind is that native support really is the way to go. Native support is far superior to any 3rd party driver, which is why i didn't want to spend money on 3rd party suppport.

As far as the movies go, i'm still trying to figure that out myself. I know in the Virtual Desktop trailer it is mentioned that you can play side by side 3d movies as well as 360 movies. He did say you can play 3d side by side from a disk drive or youtube. But all my 3d blu rays are interlaced, not side by side. So i have no idea if it'll work. I tried ripping one of my 3d blu rays in side by side mode, and it worked, it just wasn't 3D. So im lost on that part.
But Oh, how bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man's eyes.

Level 3
Excellent, thanks, guys!
So first question was answered 100% and second one - well, I'm sure it will be sorted out in future as I see no technical limitation for that.