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App Sharing

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I just bought Quest 2. I didn't realize developers can opt out of app sharing. Since we use this mainly for fitness, my husband and I would like to track things separately. How do I find out which apps opted out of app sharing? That will really determine my purchases in the future.


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Volunteer Moderator

The opt out was only an option for existing apps, since they were developed before app sharing was a thing and they may have had contractual obligations that would conflict with it. All apps released after february 13 this year must support app sharing, it's no longer optional.


But for your question, I don't know of any way to tell without actually trying a game.

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It would be really nice if Oculus would add a note to the games in store that have opted out of app sharing, or give a way to search only for apps that have it enabled. So far, the best resource I've found has been a crowdsourced list on Reddit.


Multiple user accounts - Games that DO and DO NOT show up for shared 


Take it with a grain of salt since it's crowd sourced. Of course you can always return a game if you purchase it and find that it isn't shared.