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Are You New To Oculus DK2? Start Here

Level 2
After 4 days of sorting through the various games and demos, (mostly very bad demos), here's a list of what I find to be the best.

All running smoothly on a 2012 MacBook Pro with Bootcamp Windows 7.

Games: (While we wait for EVE: Valkyrie)
1. Elite:Dangerous. Immersive cockpit and brilliant graphics. You have to pay for the beta, but well worth the price.
2. Half Life 2. Brings the game into another light.
3. War Thunder. Really immersive plane dog fighting battles. Cockpit View.

LiveViewRift - 2D/3D Cinema & Panoramas

Virtual Desktop

I tried setting up the DK2 on OSX but found Windows 7 to be a lot more stable with more variety of content.
If you're having trouble, as many seem to be, with 90 degree rotation etc. Set your DK2 as the secondary monitor.


Level 2
"Mostly very bad demos"

Don't be so quick to judge peoples hard worked demos..if I was a developer I'd find that pretty offensive, considering your rift wouldn't be much use without them..from what I've seen only a very small percentage are worthy of your statement..

Level 2
Come on, a lot of them 'are' bad.
I meant that it's hard to sift through them all to find the really good ones.
There's only a handful of 'really good' demos out there.
Games are the best way to show off the Oculus.
You can't compare Elite: Dangerous with All Birds Must Die or Discount Ninja Warehouse!

Level 2
It may be true but it's not constructive and since we all bought kits for the purpose of contributing to development, you should go to each one of those demo threads and explain how you think they should improve their sadly lacking software.

Level 2
Hi there,

You mentioned you get a good performance playing Elite:Dangerous with the Oculus Rift DK2 on your macbook pro? I have read in a lot of other forums that E.D is very graphically demanding and even more so with the rift. Which is why I am yet to purchase the Beta (I have Macbook Pro Retina 2013 with Geforce GT 750m) because i keep reading it won't work, a lot of people mentioning juddering? So can you advise in a bit more detail the performance you are getting in E.D with OR DK2 please? Are you having to play on low detail settings? Also, I have yet to receive my DK2, still waiting :cry: , how easy was the setting up? on iOS x and Windows? (I have bootcamp so both OS's running).