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Are there any VR point n click adventures?

Honored Guest

I use to love games like Monkey Island, Loom, Broken Sword...
are there any games in a similar vein ( with a good sense of humor to it) on VR ... it feels like a natural fit for this type of gameplay if you updated the control scheme for vr



Some of these require a PC to play. I just wrote them down as they came to mind
- Myst
- A fisherman's tale
- The room vr: A dark matter
- All games of the “I Expect You to Die” series are fun
- Shadow point
- Xing – The Land beyond's an older game, but I thought it was nice
- Down the rabbit hole
- Wanderer... I really, really liked the game😍
- The 7th guest... looks good, haven't played it yet

with a good sense of humor to it

I can't think of a game other than Monkey Island that requires me to collect a pirate's used shorts🤣

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Also check out Colossal Cave VR - on sale right now:


- maybe also Psychonauts VR:


Find it in the Meta Store (PCVR/Rift) or on Steam. 

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