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Heey there guys!


I'm new here and I would like to get some help. I'm not sure if this is possible or has already been solved (I could not find it), but if it has been solved please link me to the source.


For a school project we want to use external speakers and the headset (oculus quest).

We are building a experience (in Unity) with differend kind of things that starting going to look great!

But, we still cannot figure out some things and I thought this is the place to be.


Our project in a nuttshell: What we want to create is, a experience that continues whenever the user(s) decides to quit.


We would like to make use of some external speakers for this project that are only allowed to play the background music. Whenever the user(s) decides to quit the app (that we are building), we want to keep the music playing over the speakers.


So what we got in mind is using an external speaker that's connected to the quest (either using bluetooth or something else) and use that for the background music only. We would like to have the background music playing sepperate from the headset and only have the environment sounds going through the headset.


So is there a way to tell the quest play the music through the speakers and the other sounds through the headset? Like does it have a double output system for sound?


Maybe this is not the right forum but I thought maybe someone knows something about this.


I hope you guys can help us out with this.

Thanks in advance!