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Beat Saber Help

Level 2

Very new to Oculus. I have Beat Saber and love it. We have one headset but I have a profile and my husband has a profile. Is there a way for us to "battle" each other on Beat Saber? We'd like to basically have one of us play a song and then give the headset to the other person and see if they can beat that score. I know we could do that now, just under the one profile, but it would be like one of us is playing against ourselves. Hopefully someone understands what I'm asking and can provide assistance... if there is any. Thank you!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Moens3! Totally get what you're saying, and while it is possible, its extremely tedious. What you'd have to do is login to both accounts on the headset, and swap accounts then re-launch the game each time you take turns. If you add each other, then the in-game leaderboard will have a tab for viewing friends only. You'll be able to compete for high scores per song, and keep track, even if you aren't playing together at the time! There isn't a way to do any sort of multiplayer/head to head type battles on a single headset, so the aforementioned would probably be your best bet. Alternatively, you can keep score cards if you don't want to do high score leaderboard battles. Currently, there's a bug with app sharing on the V38 build, so your results may vary when trying to play games on the same headset under different accounts. Fingers crossed you aren't affected, and we usually only see this happen with users trying to play on separate headsets, but with 1 copy of the game.


Hopefully this helps, and if you have any questions, please let us know!

Level 3

Isnt this what the party mode option is? 

Hey corry! Almost, but not quite! The Party Mode option is for friends playing on their own devices, not just the one like in this case.