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Best VR Games of the Year Award

Level 15
A winner has not been chosen (probably because 2016 isn't over yet), but I'm very pleased to see that Eve-Valkyrie is currently in the Top 5 list:

1) Batman Arkham VR
2) Eve: Valkyrie
3) Job Simulator
4) Rez Infinite
5) Thumper

Of the 30+ titles I own, Eve-Valkyrie probably caused my greatest VR obsession. I was obsessed with other games, such as: Technolust, Chronos, Albino Lullaby, Nevermind, Edge of Nowhere, Farlands, Lucky's Tale, and Crystal Rift. But of all my obsessions, Eve-Valkyrie was the peak. Hell, I remember driving around town trying to find a new Thrustmaster HOTAS just to play this game. And my boss n' co-workers didn't see me for about a week until I had unlocked at least 2 extra combat ships.

Now, this Award is coming from VR Indies, so we aren't talking the Grammy's here. But just as with console games and PC games and their plethora of award entities... I'm looking forward to VR games/apps taking their proper place as well. For me, I firmly believe that Software justified Hardware, so awards given to VR games and app's will be much more meaningful in the coming years than Awards given to Hardware.

Level 8
I've only played EVE on that list but to me it was just a very impressive tech demo, as a game I thought it was really shallow and boring.

That seems like overall a fairly poor top 5 list though. I've had amazing experiences with Chronos, The Solus Project, Ethan Carter, Albino Lullaby, Edge of Nowhere and Dirt Rally, to name but a few.

Level 10
Excuse my bad english. I speak to you through the google translator. 😛

Level 15

I do think that other games are more worthy of being a Top 5 contender. I certainly won't argue that Eve is a game greater than anything you listed. I mean, in the end, Eve is just an instant-gratification FPS lol

I never really spoke much about Eve on the forum, but as I said in my main post... for some reason it managed to grip me in a way the other VR games didn't. But that's still not a bad thing since I'm saying, "of all my greatest experiences, this one was slightly more unique."

So many VR games have been mesmerizing in a multitude of ways. For instance, while Eve gripped my obsession most strongly: Chronos had the biggest impact on me as VR game overall; and Albino Lullaby got in to my head and made me crave the future of VR.

When I first entered the apartment in Technolust I was so happy at the level of immersion I was very much...

Level 8

Zenbane said:


Chronos had the biggest impact on me as VR game overall; and Albino Lullaby 

Quite a few WTF moments in Chronos, the bit when you shrink down in size on the book shelf is so good. Conversely when you go all big to fight that boss. The sense of scale in the whole game is just so well done.