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Beyond Touch?

Level 5
I'm thinking about if VR controllers like Touch (or Vive wands) are going to become the primary interaction method in VR for the near to mid-term future, or even long term?

However gloves or hand tracking are currently being worked on and I wonder if using your hands without any physical controllers would be better?

Or maybe they will play together? Like you have your hands fully tracked, but you also have controllers to simulate swords and guns and such.

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I suspect that various sensory input devices are where the biggest innovations will come from - not just haptic devices; simple devises that stimulate our senses through electrical impulses.  There are devices currently being tested for such use and include motion-simulation and more. In theory, these type of devices could bypass the need for mechanical feedback devices altogether. 

Obviously, there are long-term studies needed to insure that safety standards are established and met before we might have these things for use in our homes so in the meantime, haptic-feedback devices are likely to fill the void as stepping-stones.