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Bye forever

Honored Guest

With the REQUIREMENT of eventual Facebook account needed to use my hardware I've decided to put that dog out of its misery. I know that I still have time, and plenty of it, before I can't use my oculus and I'm aware that the force is strictly because of my refusal to use Facebook. I have my reasons why I won't use FB and I am firm on my choices. What I haven't done yet is decide what VR platform will be my next choice. If anyone has some thoughts of what platform would a good choice I'm open to suggestions. I've really enjoyed my experience with oculus and disheartened that it is ending. 


@RuneSR2 wrote:

Many users have been auto-banned trying to merge their Oculus and Facebook accounts. 

There's no evidence to support this claim. I think some have been able to dig up a reddit post or 2 where an auto-ban occurred, but far from "many" when we're talking about less than a dozen reported instances compared to some 2 million units sold.


Not to mention that the instances reported were also resolved by opening a support ticket. Users were given access and their accounts and software were just fine after.