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CV1 games - without Store

Level 3
Hi folks!

Just a quick question: Everytime a VR App opens, Oculus Home automatically opens and loads!
How can I start VR Apps (like on Steam and Stuff) without the Oculus Home App?


Level 3

Did you manage to find anything out? I just received my CV1 yesterday, and would really like to play DK2 games and games from Steam on my CV1. At the moment i have only been able to play games from the Oculus Store.

Anyone know how i can play other games?


Level 3
Bump.  Also waiting for an answer on this one.

Level 9
Easy. You don't play a VR game on the Rift without Home open. 

Level 15
The Oculus Rift requires the Oculus firmware.

That's like asking, "how can I drive a car without the motor running?"

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
There's three questions in this thread:
1 - How can I run games without oculus home opening?
You can't. Oculus Home is now part of the runtime, it always opens, even if you are using SteamVR.

2 - How do I run games that aren't from the Oculus store?
Go into the oculus home desktop app (don't wear the headset) and go to Settings / General. Then turn on the Unknown Sources checkbox. This lets games that aren't part of the Oculus store run.

3 - How can I play DK2 games?
If the games haven't been updated to the 1.x SDK (which came out with the CV1), then officially they can't run anymore, they are outdated and incompatible. There's a third party tool that can fix that to a degree (very old stuff still won't work, but games made with SDKs between 0.6 and 0.8 might), but it's not official.

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