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Calculating Perceived Resolution for HMDs?

Hi, sorry if this is a rehash, I did a search and didn't turn up anything concrete.

Is there a generally agreed upon formula/method for calculating HMD resolution and maybe a spreadsheet plotting vs existing displays (at an arbitrary distance)?

Specifically, I'd be interested in the conversion from a FOV/screen resolution (maybe w/ adjustable eye relief) and be able to get arc resolution measured in pixels per degree and say LP/mm.

At the very least it would be nice if such a pixel density also accounts for the warp shader (maybe with a chart for resolution across the frame (maybe as an edge-center graph/sparkline), but also if there's additional consideration like CA/other lens artifacts, binocular overlap, subpixel arrangement- Are there other factors that need to be accounted for (other temporal/perceptual factors, ways to measure?) Is there a list of these factors?

It seems like this is something the should exist already so if it does, happy to just get a reference/link.

BTW, my particular interest is in the application for virtual windows/terminals, so if there's links or resources specific to text rendering tests/techniques (supersampling, etc), I'd also be very interested in seeing what's out there!