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Cambria will sell alongside Quest 2, it isn't replacing it

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To quote John Carmack on twitter today:

"An important point here is that the "project Cambria" product will *NOT* replace Quest 2, it will be sold alongside it. Quest 2 will have a long life."


We know Cambria will be expensive compared to the Quest 2, but this may be another indication that it isn't a consumer headset.


But this also means people worrying about buying a Quest 2 or waiting for the next one, sounds like Quest 2 will be it for a while.


(Of course in Oculus terms "long life" means until the next model appears, then they'll drop accessories before you can blink, like CV1 controllers, Rift-S/Quest 1 controllers, Go controller, CV1 cable, Rift-S cable).

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I never expected Cambria to replace Quest 2 - of course not. Cambria is described as a high-end hmd by Zuckerberg, I fully assume it's not for those on a small budget. If Oculus replaced the Quest 2 with a much more expensive hmd that would anger tons of Quest 2 users. But Cambria may help to reduce the number of kids, it really feels like Quest 2 is a new cheap Nintendo device allowing millions of small kids into VR (just saw a mother in here complaining about her 6 year old kid spending $200 in the store). Seems like Facebook really needed to keep all the Quest 2 kids of out Horizon by requiring 18+ age. And Cambria will be a move away from cheap toys for kids - thus aimed at a more mature audience.


I fully believe that Facebook is taking a loss for each Quest 2 sold, like Sony and Microsoft are at the beginning of a new console cycle, and Oculus may need to sell the Quest 2 for many years to make a significant profit through software - so also makes sense that Oculus isn't providing much of a Christmas sale even in the Quest Store, they need to cash-in through full price for the software. 

Other standalone hmd competitors charge about $700 for similar XR2-powered hmds, so clearly $300+ for the Quest 2 is way lower than anyone else - and selling below manufacturing costs may mean that no one can match what Facebook is offering (and unfortunately low price opens the door to tons of kids too). 

Thus it makes sense that Quest 2 may be here for a long time - and of course Cambria is not going to replace the Quest 2. That would be some kind of suicide, lol. 

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Yeah my wife's 11 year old grandson just got a Quest 2 for Christmas. Seems he loves it.

Oculus should have just made a nice leap for a Rift Generation 2 and called it a day...

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@RuneSR2 wrote:

I never expected Cambria to replace Quest 2 - of course not.

We may not, but a lot of people still think of it as a Quest Pro or Quest 3 and are holding off.


Oculus has a track record of abandoning headsets (mainly accessories) as soon as the next one comes out, and even the Quest 1 is already starting to be abandoned in software (things coming out that are Quest 2 only).

Every headset besides the Go has also replaced a previous headset (DK2 replaced DK1. CV1 replaced DK2. Rift-S replaced CV1. Quest 1 eventually replaced Go. (but took longer) Quest 2 replaced Quest 1 and Rift-S). The business models are just the same hardware with different software/license.

So having Cambria come out as new hardware but not replace the existing product is different to usual for Oculus.


Oh, and merry christmas (6 min ago) from Australia. 🙂


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> I never expected Cambria to replace Quest 2 - of course not. Cambria is described as a high-end hmd


It could be hmd for Metaverse. For NFTs you need even more processing power then for VR. Or there could be Meta-Box as an external processing unit to hold all NFTs (both blockchain and object data). It could be one for several logins or personal to take with you (or at least deattachable secure key storage).


Actually if you own NFT and could prove that you are the owner you need not any other login/account or provide any additional data to log in Digiverse (one of Metaverse worlds).

Even if you have a wallet for a digital money (distributed, blockchain based) it is enough to do a secure login. You just need to pay an exact value to Digiverse wallet provided (random numbers in payment value would be like password/token). You will get then a link/token to log in and some of your money back (better to use fast transaction digital money solution). The more you pay, the less are possibilities for spammer and bots. You could even change payment value day by day according to Digiverse resources available or DDoS/attacks conditions. First time login and existing user/wallet could be charged differently.


If a person have no digital money to log in, she could ask a friend or some other person to give some to log in first time (like "invite"). After that person could do digital work inside Digiverse to earn more money.


You could have a small payment for any action in Digiverse (with money/digital money/resources/time/digital work/internal bonuses/...).


If you want to make a post or comment you will pay for it. But if someone likes it then it will give you some money back. So you could think of payment for a post/comment/media/object/room/game/etc as an investment. To make it more thoughtful, constructive and valuable to community you could have an educational courses (on any subject). You could learn and then community will gain from your education and reward you with more money and resources.


Actually better to use some internal "bonuses" or "tickets" for actions inside a Digiverse. It will allow you to manage server resources, load and moderators time. You could sell "tickets to post", "tickets to comment", ... But you could limit the number of sold tickets per day (and to one login/new login). That way spammers and bots will not take over Digiworld even if they have lot's of money. You could have community values to weight more then money.


System balance could be achieved so there will not be much more new content than community is able to consume per day or week.


Those "tickets" could also be used to make a "reward/like for a post/comment/content". So if you use a "ticket" and write a great post someone could give you a "ticket" back so you could write more.

Digiverse could provide a free 10 "booster tickets" to new users. So they could start posting. But they will not be able to give those to other users. And those "booster tickets" will last till the day ends. Other tickets could also have a time limit like a week, month, half a year ... That way it will not be replacement for a money. You will play "hot potato" and use them so they will not vanish (receiving person could have time limit reseted for a "ticket" to use).

To have more stable rewards Digiverse could provide "badges" to users according to their long term activity. You can't sell or buy them. But you could use those to grant some resources to users (you could set bigger limit to "tickets per day" they could buy or give a priority in attending events, etc).


You could change the amount of free "booster tickets" and other limits according to Digiverse load on resources and moderators. Just like economy works. Also you could use different forms of "tickets"/"bonuses" for different actions/content created.


Users will have a habit to be part of Digiverse economy from day one (even if they will use tickets/bonuses and will not be connected to real money from the start). And Digiverse could become self funded based on user payments in the future (will grow with a userbase and their real money payments growth).


You do not need to ask any data from a user even. If it is a bot or clone it's ok if it pays for own actions and community accepts those actions/content (rewarding their posts/...).


And how advertisements will exist?

Actually there will be no "ads", they will be changed to "digital work". If you like to earn some "tickets"/"bonuses"/"digital money" (or small fraction of it) you could list available "work" options. It could be "read text/see video/image/test game/... and give an answers to a quiz to prove that you do work carefully". Some "work" options will ask for a data from a user (like age or interests) but you could see those requests before you accept and choose which of those you think is ok to provide. You could make auto filters and hide "work" with data requests you do not like to provide.


More "digital work" could include creation of art/content and providing services.

You could help people to learn how to use Digiverse (audio chat Helper), teach users (any topic) or you could do app tests and moderation (for those users who have accepted 3rd party moderation). Or it could be half-moderation (if user will check for certain conditions only like "if the post/image/video contains bad language/symbol/joke/meme/local language/..." and you will not make final decisions).

For games, apps and vr worlds users could get paid to betta tests and constructive feedback. That could be part of app check and approve process inside Digiverse.


For media/art/objects there could be a "store". So you could buy a copy. You could use same "tickets"/"bonuses" as a payment. Or you could use some form of money. But there could be other forms and mechanics of "stores". For example:

- you could have crowdfunding, so creator will create (or release existing) art/content only after certain amount of money/bonuses is collected in Digiverse store, after that art/content will be released for free inside this Digiverse (actually community is paying for "work")

- you could have split payment, so first user will pay full price to creator and second user with pay 1/2 for fist user, third will pay 1/3 (to both user 1 and user 2) and so on... until price will be so low that all users will decide it's ok to give this art/content for free

- or any other limits and conditions (like % to original creator with some overall value or time limit)


That all will work withing Digiverse community, but you will not be able to transfer free content to other Digiverse for free. It's like "you pay monthly subscription and get free content inside a service/media". External economy between Digiverses will be other thing (same with universal NFTs).

And if Digiverse version will come to it's end users could bring that content to new Digiverse, that process will need resources, "badges" will be used to distribute those resources between members of community. That way only best of the content will be transferred to new Digiverse. All other could be archived to slow storage and provided to any one who could pay for extraction process (slow).


Some Digiverses could still have ads and give more free rewards to users. So users could choose which of them they like to be in more and spend more time there. Evolution will show which of Digiverse mechanics will succeed.


And how you could measure overall Digiverse progress? (it could not be "number of users" or "active users" or "number of posts" ... with clones and bots allowed)

You could have a "happy" button. So any user could send info if she is happy now.


That will not be same as "like", "favorite" or "share". You could not connect that button to any other action or content. If you'll try to connect it to post/video/content it would became just a "like" synonym and no more. So it should be part of general UI. Person could be happy from something outside of Digiverse even. But.... that user choose to come to this particular Digiverse! And it means that Digiverse is a great place.


You could have overall statistics on "happy" reported.  But if you'll try to split it to small parts (like "by country" or "by age" it will ruin honesty of reporting).

Amount of happiness could be guessed from frequency of "happy" reporting by every user.


And if particular Digiverse will forge "happy" stats values that will not work, you could go there and see if people are happy in there.


So how do you think will this mechanics for Metaverse/Digiverses survive ? 🙂

Have you any comments?