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Can I sell my OCULUS GO with all purchased games ?

Level 3
I just got myself a gift, a Quest 2 for Christmas. I really think I'm going to sell my old GO, and since there is no compatibility between libraries, it would be nice to sell it, together with all the games I've bought.
A while ago, when prompted, I switched to Oculus authentication with my Facebook account that is now linked to the Oculus one.
Is there a way to pass purchased games, which are useless to me, along with the Oculus GO to someone else, without giving him my Facebook account ?
thank you

Level 15
No unfortunately you cannot do this because Oculus games are not transferrable (see Oculus terms and conditions).  If you sell your Go you should to reset it to factory settings beforehand and when the new owner get it he/she would need to set it up like it was a new Go.
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