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Can I still buy the DK2 units somewhere?

Level 2

Hey everyone! 

working on a VR project together with a university and we would like to work
with DK2's, but unfortunately - you can only buy the CV1 on the official webshop.
We just have a small budget - so buying 2-3 CV1 would be too expensive for us
at the moment, so my question would be - is the any shop / website (besides
Ebay) that still sells the DK2 units? 

for any help!


Level 8
E-bay or similar, you'll not get a new one.
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Level 15
Yup ebay is your best bet.
A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

Level 2
the problem: the u. staff isn't allowed to buy them there 😕 

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Have you looked into this headset, Sounds a bit fiddly still for casual gamers, but looks good for developers and seems to be getting more major companys supporting it all the time too.
I've read it's roughly on the the same level as a DK2 but cheeper.

Level 5
How much are you offering? Since I got my CV1, my DK2 is just gathering dust.

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hanneshu -- check your inbox!

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You are better off buying it off ebay or buy a new cv1. I recommend not getting the dk units at this point. I would recommend sending a ticket into support and see of you can get something work out with them instead. They might be able to get your office a deal.

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 There's one for sale here - fair price considering what I've seen on Ebay.