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Can Koreans request RMA if the Quest 2 is not working?

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I live in South Korea but there is no Amazon and no Oculus branch in South Korea.
However, Oculus homepage and Amazon U.S. ship Quest2 directly to Korea.
Can Quest 2 directly shipped from Amazon U.S. to South Korea also request RMA through Oculus website?
Or can only those who purchase from the Oculus website request RMA?

Level 2
Some Koreans say that only people living in the U.S. can get RMA if they buy it from Amazon U.S..

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Oculus supports South Korea so Quests bought from the Oculus Store and shipped directly to South Korea include free delivery, Oculus warranty and the 30 day return period so RMA's should definitely be covered.

With Amazon, it's a little different as there can be multiple sellers and not necessarily official partners so you need to make sure it says 'ships by and sold by'.

It looks like Amazon only have the 256GB version for delivery to South Korea so if your were to buy the 64GB versions from the US store and have a third party ship it to Korea, that could be a problem when getting Oculus support as the delivery address as far as Oculus are concerned would be the delivery company and not your address.

Buying the 256GB with 'ships by and sold by' stated, should be ok. I'd welcome confirmation from other Korean forum members though!

The forum has a Korean section but it doesn't seem to be super active. May be worth checking there though:

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