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Can you please help me find the next step in the VR jungle? Old Rift user here....

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Hey everyone! πŸ™‚

Alright, so this is my story: A couple of years ago I got the Oculus Rift with 1 sensor and an Xbox Controller. I never bothered using it because I simply did not have the space and I was not much of a gamer. Now a friend of mine got the Rift S and plays some games and asked me to join. I did not have any controllers except the Xbox controller so I bought two touch controllers yesterday, only to find out that I actually need a 2nd sensor as well now to set it up and use it (blame me for bad research... I know.....). 

Now my question is: Should I really invest in a 2nd sensor or just upgrade to a Rift S or even upgrade to a Quest / Quest II once it is out? I don`t really know what I should do now. 

I plan on playing games such as Pavlov and maybe Moss and such. A 2nd sensor is around 70 bucks but I am concerned that the Rift S or the Quest will have WAY superior visual quality, which obviously is a big deal in VR and in the end for me as well.

If anyone could give me some honest and good advice, I would be very very thankful!! πŸ™‚ 


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Get yourself a Quest 2. The Rift S is pretty much dead as a door nail now and is only worth buying if you want the most comfortable headset to wear. The Quest 2 will give you both wireless play with Quest games and wired play with Rift/SteamVR games.

And at $299/Β£299 it would be rude not to lol πŸ˜› πŸ˜„

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Thanks! I appreciate your answer. 

That`s what I thought. Are there any disadvantages when comparing the Quest 2 to the Rift? I read that there are tracking issues and the PC needs to be way stronger in terms of hardware (I have a 1060, 16gb of ram on an I7700k). I don`t plan on upgrading my PC specs any time soon, so that may be a problem. 

Also: Is there a way to only buy the headset and use my touch controllers that I bought yesterday? I would definitely try to sell my Rift if I`d go for the Quest II.

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Quest 1 or 2 wont suit everyone. Despite the claims of being free from cables, if you want to play something on your pc that is not available without it, then you will still need a cable to attach to the pc to play it. I would think carefully at all the options before making a choice either way.

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Volunteer Moderator

Also: Is there a way to only buy the headset and use my touch controllers that I bought yesterday? I would definitely try to sell my Rift if I`d go for the Quest II.

The Rift CV1 controllers, Rift-S/Quest controllers and Quest 2 controllers are all incompatible with each other's headsets. Only the Rift-S and Quest 1 share a controller design.

If you just bought two touch controllers, are they the right ones? The CV1 controllers haven't been available for a while, they were discontinued. The Rift-S controllers won't work on your CV1. The way to tell them apart is the CV1 controllers have the tracking ring go under the controller and around your hand, while the Rift-S controllers have the ring go above the controller.

The CV1 is still a great headset. I've got all of them and the CV1 is still my most used, better sound, better tracking (if you have 3 or 4 sensors) and MUCH better touch controllers.
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kojack said:

The CV1 is still a great headset. I've got all of them and the CV1 is still my most used, better sound, better tracking (if you have 3 or 4 sensors) and MUCH better touch controllers.

Fully agree.
@eraseandrewind  you should definitely try CV1 with additional sensor (or 3 sensors) for games like Pavlov (you need to hold both controllers near each other blocking camera view and that is not perfect for RiftS/Quest inside-out tracking).

But you really should insure that Touch controllers you have bought are supported. Could you post a picture?
If you bought a box with Touch controllers for CV1 then there should be second sensor inside.

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Oculus Quest 2 :
LCD 3664x1920 ~7m pixels
Pre-order : 300$ (depending on memory card size)
Add 50$ for PC link cable
Windows 10 required for PC link cable
has IPD slider

CV1-S :
LCD 2560 x 1440 ~ 3.7m pixels
Order : 450$
Windows 10
No IPD slider (for eye distance adjustement)

CV1 :
OLED 2160 x 1200 ~ 2.6m pixels (OLED has best blacks)
Best audio of the three
Best tracking of the three :  uses external tracking.
Missing sensor : Around 70$
Windows 7
Has IPD slider

Quest 2 has ~3 times the pixels requirement (or ~2x the pixel requirement if you drop from 90hz to 60hz) : GPU upgrade required.
Quest 2's PC link cable adds lag.
CV1-S has no IPD slider : Don't buy if you use the min or max IPD setting on your CV1.

My advice ?
- Quest 2 without PC link cable has best resolution but worst graphics.
- Quest 2 would probably require an expensive GPU uprade (and CPU upgrade ?) for PC gaming.
- CV1-S has no IPD slider, is more expensive, and it's drivers are poorly updated.
- CV1 has better blacks, an IPD slider, better audio, better tracking, works on Windows 7, has the lowest CPU/GPU requirement, and would only cost you the price of a (second hand) external sensor.

If you were a simulator game addict, resolution matters (to read all those small numbers on the counters...).

But if you just want to play non-simulator games with your friend, CV1 is the cheapest, easiest and simply best solution for you. A no brainer for me unless you plan to upgrade your GPU or switch from PC to Quest Mobile games.

My own current VR upgrade path : Wait for AMD to release it's AM5 socket with DDR5 memory support motherboard (2022 ?), build a new PC, choose the reasonable headset (compulsory IPD slider and PC support, with lowest resolution for best FPS) that provides the widest FOV. Sure wish driver v19.0 hadn't bricked my CV1 (black screen), because unless Oculus unbricks it it's going to be a long ~2 year wait for me to get back into VR. If simply buying another sensor could unbrick it I would call that a godsend πŸ™‚

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Thanks everyone for all the VERY useful information and advice! I very much appreciate the help and all answers. Great experience here πŸ™‚ 

And I am super sorry for the late response (almost a necrobump), but I was visiting family further away and did not have proper internet access. Made me feel very bad to come back and see all the answers without me participating. 

I will buy a second sensor to be able to start playing VR games and keep the CV1 alive. I will probably upgrade somewhen later on, maybe to a HP G2 when graphic cards have become a bit cheaper or whatever is out from Oculus at this point. I have zero anticipation skills on the VR market but I guess they will keep releasing upgraded VR headsets and I am pretty sure this will be the future of gaming. πŸ™‚

Thanks again, everyone! : )

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Getting a second sensor - and then maybe a third for full 360 degrees tracking - will be awesome. 

I have the Index, but prefer CV1 in many games. Am I totally insane? πŸ˜‰

No, CV1 has the best sound, even much better bass than Index. Take the song Ember in Pistol Whip, sounds like garbage using Index - and now imagine Quest 2 sound quality, which is extremely much worse than Index.

Then there's oled. Lcd hmds aren't black but gray. Try the awesome app Gloomy Eyes - and your favorite horror games, all totally ruined using lcd. Remember that G2 also is lcd.

Games with temporal antialiasing (TAA) look super-blurry using lcd, but look awesome using CV1. Without TAA you need MSAA which taxes your gpu much more. Games using Asgard's Wrath, Robinson, Defector, Gnomes & Goblins etc look so bad using lcd that I'd never use lcd for such games.

Often the SDE is your friend. High-res lcd reveals all flaws making many textures look much more low-res - and you need more antialiasing. Kobold looks extremely bad using lcd, but looks awesome with CV1 - CV1 fools my brain to experience more high-res textures compared to their native res.

I'm using CV1 ss 2.0 in most games and apps, looks great. 

Also CV1 has Index quality tracking using 3 sensors. You can play in total darkness and batteries will last weeks and even months.

Not sure Quest 2 supports ASW 2.0, but your CV1 does. 

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Wait and get yourself a HP Reverb G2, you can thank me later πŸ˜‰
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