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Can you please help me find the next step in the VR jungle? Old Rift user here....

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Hey everyone! 🙂

Alright, so this is my story: A couple of years ago I got the Oculus Rift with 1 sensor and an Xbox Controller. I never bothered using it because I simply did not have the space and I was not much of a gamer. Now a friend of mine got the Rift S and plays some games and asked me to join. I did not have any controllers except the Xbox controller so I bought two touch controllers yesterday, only to find out that I actually need a 2nd sensor as well now to set it up and use it (blame me for bad research... I know.....). 

Now my question is: Should I really invest in a 2nd sensor or just upgrade to a Rift S or even upgrade to a Quest / Quest II once it is out? I don`t really know what I should do now. 

I plan on playing games such as Pavlov and maybe Moss and such. A 2nd sensor is around 70 bucks but I am concerned that the Rift S or the Quest will have WAY superior visual quality, which obviously is a big deal in VR and in the end for me as well.

If anyone could give me some honest and good advice, I would be very very thankful!! 🙂 


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Order the Reverb G2. If you would like to play Oculus library games, install Revive for SteamVR, learn the use it and you're good to go. Going to get my set at the end of October/start of December and the month feels like a loooooong time yet to wait.

Also, if you're going with G2, order 1.6V NiZn rechargeable batteries and recharger for NiZn batteries, as the WMR controllers take 2 batteries / controller. I ordered 8 batteries so those will pay themselves quite fast i think. If you would like to see comparison of the preprod unit against Index and FBQ2 "through the lenses", head to YT and to Tyriel Wood -VR Tech channel.
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I always said the big flaw of the Index controllers were the plug ins, you can already see on Steam peoples posting problems with battery life of the index controllers. We all know batteries don't last for ever, specially if you're doing 10-12 or more hours a day of VR which looks too much but really isn't, you start to understand why swapping batteries is 100 times better, what will Index controllers owners do when the batteries can't be charged anymore and only last for an hour? buy another set of controllers at $100 each. The reverb 2 will only need 2 sets of new batteries
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