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Casting feature is kinda awesome

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This is a bit random,


I have been enjoying Oculus VR since the Rift CV1's release in 2016. For the most part, my VR experiences were me alone in a room. There were some occasions where I would involve family, friends, and colleagues by having them try out (demo) the Rift's VR experiences. Those were fun moments, where others would sit in the room watching what was being shown on the computer screen, but overall these moments were few and far between.


For the most part, all of my "involve other people" moments came from multiplayer VR gaming.


I'm a huge fan of all things multiplayer. I enjoy a good quality single player experience, but I also like to test my skills and abilities. There is no better way to test one's skills and abilities other than to pit them against another human.


Whether PvP or Coop, though, in the end it is the "involve other people" aspect that I enjoy most. Thanks to the Quest 2's Casting feature enhancements, I have been able to enjoy this in a new way.


I recently completed the VR Experience, Layers of Fear.


Now, as far as Horror VR goes, this title ranks as a Middle-Tier experience. There are much, much scarier experiences out there. Whether it be 5 Nights at Freddy's, Dreadhalls, or Alien Isolation via Vorpx.


But what I loved most about playing Layers of Fear, is casting it to the big screen television in our large living room, and having the entire family watch me scream and jump, while also working together to solve actual puzzles.


While this concept and approach to VR has been available for some time, it really wasn't until I was able to cast to our living room TV that I was able to take full advantage.


I look forward to more ways that allow for incorporating people in the "real world" in to the VR experience itself. Cheers!


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Volunteer Moderator

Does your TV have Chrome Cast support built in?

I use my Nvidia Shield for Quest casting, it works well for that. I've used it at work to show student VR projects at our exhibition.

My home TV (LG OLED) is Mirrorcast instead of Chrome Cast, so it can't receive from the Quest without the Nvidia Shield.

(Or an actual chrome cast plugged in, but my one is really old, not the newer high res ones)


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Yeah, my TV had Chrome Cast built in by default. Made everything point n click from the start 🙂