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Computer app won't link up to Facebook account

Level 2

Hey, so I'm trying to use my oculus quest with my pc. It tells me that to actually use the oculus app I downloaded onto my Pc, I will need to link it up to my Facebook. So I click log in with Facebook and it says to continue as "My name". I click that and it tells me to wait a few seconds to actually link it to the app but nothing is happening, Pressing continue does nothing either and it's stuck on the continue page.  I'm not sure what else I can actually do. 


Level 15

So it never gives you a Login screen/prompt to log in to Facebook?


I would suggest clearing all your web browser(s) history and try again. It sounds like the Oculus App is trying to call your web browser in order to have you log in to Facebook. But it's just hanging there. Clear all your cache's completely and try again.


If not, open a Ticket with Oculus Support. Good luck!