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DK2 order time/ship time thread (unofficial)

Level 3
[EDIT] The spreadsheet in the first response makes a ton more sense! Just go there.

I thought I would create this thread to help people in different locations get a better unofficial sense of when they may expect their units. This kind of information is spread around in some of the other threads, but perhaps we can put it into a simple, accessible format here.

Hopefully this will help people temper expectations and plan their time accordingly. My biggest concern is being able to have free time in my schedule to work with the DK2 as soon as it arrives, I'm sure I'm not alone! I'll start things off, even though I haven't yet received shipping info - it would be more useful if other people only post if they have actually received a shipping confirmation:

Ordered: 9:19AM PDT on Mar. 19th, 2014
Order Status: PROCESSING (checked out for shipping and will be shipped in the next batch)
Received Shipping Info: Not Yet
Location: USA

Level 2
There are a whole lot of Google Spreadsheets out for this purpose, I don't think another thread on the forum makes any sense... Especially as it gets very messed up as several pages of threads are hit.

Level 3
That is a much better way to do it!

Level 2
I will just bump this to remind everyone to update their status if it changes!
This will help a lot when tracking when we can expect delivery!