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Debating if I should order a 2nd Oculus Rift for a 2nd person on a 2nd PC

Expert Protege
I'm debating whether I should order a 2nd Oculus Rift for someone in my house. I have two questions for you folks:

1) What type of experiences can we share together if we do without being forced to rely on others?
2) Can he share my account and still log into those experiences at the same time as me? It would be a shame to have to set up a new account and repurchase everything for the few shared experiences. Most of the experiences that are single player allow for multiple save games (at least the ones we care about), but I'm not sure with shared experiences whether you can log in concurrently on two difference PCs so two people can share on the same account.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

Heroic Explorer
I 2nd this debate.

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Heroic Explorer
You Can't share an account (together)