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Dedicated PCVR headsets are a wasteland

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Wow, just recently when trying to give headset recommendations, it really struck me that dedicated PCVR headsets are a bit of a wasteland right now.
With Varjo Aero and Reverb G2 being discontinued, and Varjo XR4 not being quite ready yet, there's really only BigScreen Beyond, and that comes with a bunch of caveats.
Of course there's DPVR E4, Vive Pro 2, Index and Pimax Crystal, but I hesitate to recommend those to new users looking for a general purpose alternative to Meta/Pico. Same with second hand headsets.
Hopefully XR4 is all good when it's released to regular consumers, and Somnium releases and ends up being good, so that we can have some more options soon. Or a good unannounced alternative gets released this year.


Yeah, I'm not sure I'd trust the Varjo XR4 just yet. It's out now, but its website says the software is still in beta. I'd prefer non beta software if I was paying $3990 (or $9990 for the edition with 18 extra ppd on the passthrough).

(The $3990 and $9990 editions have the same 51PPD screens, the same 20MP cameras, but the cheap one is 33PPD passthrough and the other is 51PPD)


The Bigscreen Beyond still seems the most interesting to me, although I haven't looked into it for a while.

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