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Discount for having to RE-BUY games??

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Discount for having to RE-BUY games??  I purchased many games for the Rift S then a couple months later purchased the Quest 2.
NONE of the game I purchased are cross-buy which means I have to buy them all again if I want to use them.  Most of them I have not even tried once.
Arizona Sunshine,Onward,Range Day VR,
Edge of Nowhere, The Vanishing, The Assembly, Jungle Dino VR, Mental Torment,  many other.
Where my PC gaming desktop is the is NO room to move around so that is why I purchased the Quest 2.   I tried the Virtual Desktop and wireless BUT my wifi is crap and does not work.

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Get yourself a cable and play them via Oculus-Link.

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snowdog said:

Get yourself a cable and play them via Oculus-Link.

Like I said in original post I have NO room to move around where my VR Desktop is located.  I have the cable but only have a 4 x 3 foot area that is why I purchased the Quest 2.  I thought I would be able to use all the games I purchased on the Quest 2.  I tried Playing Arizona Sunshine by my VR desktop but keep crashing into everything.  I can take the Quest out to my garage BUT cannot keep my desktop out there

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Volunteer Moderator
I recently spent about $100 and got myself a new WiFi6 router (I got a TP-Link AX1500). I set it up as an access point to extend my existing WiFi network (in my office with my PC plugged directly into it). It made a huge difference for Virtual Desktop; with my ISP-provided modem, I had to be in the same room as the modem, but with the new router, I get a stronger signal (1200 Mbps vs 866 Mbps) everywhere in my house.

I had the same issue that my office is too small for some games that demand a lot of moving around. Now I can play those games wirelessly in my kitchen, which is on a different floor than the new router and at the other end of the house from the old modem.

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