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Hello was thinking of geting a dk2 as i cannot afford the cv1 does the dk2 still work with most games or is it not worth geting cheers lee 

* It's not supported any longer.
* You can't use the latest runtime
* You can't use Touch
* It is a dev kit, not a consumer version
* If your camera breaks, you can't change it as the HMD and the Camera was paired at manifacturing
* etc,etc,etc
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If you want a cheap entry into VR.
Works with older runtimes.
Great for simming.
Great for driving games.
If you're not fussed about touch.

But yes, it's not supported anymore and may become useless sooner than expected 😉
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Better answers from some one that own 's one.

If you can get one for under, I 'd say $150 than go for it.

Home store still works, but you cant play anything that requires controllers. Ignore all the wiring signs and just play.

Steam VR still works but same principle, you must buy games that use a gamepad or you could get some type of aftermarket controller thats not so great and godly expensive. 

There is no point in buying it if you plan of getting some type of hand controller in the near future. By the time you add it all up you could have bought a CV1 with controllers. I have a leap motion (poor man controller) its cool for games designed to use it, it sucks for everything else and doesn't work in the oculus home store (least i havent tried to make it work) and it takes hacking to work in steam (driver install) . Still sucks trying to use it as a controller. 

I came from a DK1 so for me the DK2 was a good enough upgrade. Iv'e played with the CV1 and minus the controllers I dont "feel" the need to upgrade?...

I waiting for a vr kit that gives me a resolution where i see absolute no pixels and no SDE(screen door effect).  really don't want to spend any more money until then. 

Anything else you would like to know, just ask. 
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