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Does Sony Pose A Threat to Oculus VR?

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If the speculation in this article is true, I think it might pose a threat. People who own a PS4 would rather get a VR headset that is already compatible with their console than another one.

Competition is inevitable, but would it negatively affect Oculus? For consumers it's an advantage because prices will drop and more features will appear.

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Which article?

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From what the article suggests they are really just concerned about the PS4. Increasing interests in the PS4 though VR seems much more profitable than just selling VR HMDs, especially since they'd have competition in the PC/mobile arena.

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One of the biggest electronics companies in the world making a VR headset for the most popular next gen console.. if true yes of course it's huge competition even if they don't support pc. Average customer would rather have the simplicity of a console. Right now if your interested in vr it's more or less pc only, so this will if true eat into Oculus sales quite a bit. Even if it's worse then Oculus in every way.

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What I'm more worried about is the impression they might give to consumers who aren't familiar with Oculus or what the CV Rift will be able to do yet.

If Sony puts out a rushed product to try and differentiate their console from Microsoft, VR will suffer another blow. How they are going to pull off respectable stereoscopic VR on the PS4 is beyond me. I actually think this is the reason why "Technical Difficulties" have delayed any sort of announcement.

They probably saw what the major issues of VR are (Motion sickness, display persistence, latency/framerate/refresh rate requirements), and realized they'd have a bombed product without refining further.

Honestly the only way they could do it is if all the experiences for PS4 are not graphically intensive in any way. Which is something the playstation has always striven for.

At the end of the day, what I think is REALLY important is that the Rift launches first. Strike while the iron is hot Oculus, don't let feature creep kill your release date!

Well, the Sony HMZ T3 costs more than four times the Rift, 1300$ VS 300$, they're not even in the same league: how much do you think it will cost their VR HMD with added positional tracking and PS Eye camera, improved screen and doubled FOV?
And you still need a 400$ PS4 console to use it.
The rift will cost 300 to 400$ with the same features, and you can buy a PC or a Steam machine for as low as 500$ with the same power of a PS4 (and by the time the Rift or the Sony HMD come to the market, you will buy a much powerful PC than the PS4 for the same money!)

so 1700$ for the Sony VR HMD and a PS4
800/900$ for the Rift and a nextgen-like PC

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Sony is not going to sell a console peripherial for 1000 dollars. 300 dollar max, my expected price for it is 200 dollars.

Sony has been experimenting with this a long time. They also have the ability to make a custom panel. my guess is the strobe approach. I think you're right about cost. But Sony can sell it for no profit, make up the money on games

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Sony undercut ms on the xbox one, I highly doubt they would release anything more then 300 bucks. They would primarily use it to further their lead on ms in the console wars so I wouldnt be surprised if they sell it at cost.