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Does anyone else...

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Feel like they own a really high performance sports car, with all the most cutting edge technology, and the closest track is still years away from construction finishing up on it?
PCVR is so cool, don't get me wrong, but nothing is being made for all these headsets that are on the market, and until then it's kind of just cool tech demos that are all old af, and anything that is new is made for Quest first. It feels like everything worth looking at is stand alone, or a standalone port with no love shown to PC players.
Feeling really bummed about the future of VR as a whole tbh.


Check out this thread.

 @RuneSR2  shows amazing games you can play in PCVR...assuming your PC is powerful enough to run those games.
PCVR is not a deserted place.

But not all people are willing - or able - to buy a high-end PC.
For these people, standalone is a great – and much cheaper – option to dive in the in the world of VR.🙂

I think you've described very well exactly why some PCVR enthusiasts resent stand-alone. They're fortunate enough to have the money to buy VR capable PC's with top-end GPU's so they want the industry to cater for them.

The question is what would you say to software devs to explain to them they should spend their time on a PCVR title instead of a pancake PC game? or if you want Meta to fund PCVR titles, what would you say to Meta to encourage them to do that instead of stand-alone?

Buying a good PC or components at the prices we've been willing to pay this last decade is supporting the likes of Nvidia but not VR in my opinion. In fact that acceptance has done more to keep prices high, lock out a lot of the gaming demographic and stifle PCVR in the process.

Stand-alone has benefited because of that, rather than been the cause of the PCVR software drought. PSVR has also benefited. I want to see more PCVR too, I've spend a lot this year on my PC, but I'm thankful stand-alone exists.

Plus stand-alone seems to be where the innovations happen. The controller technology, tracking innovations (upper body tracking now), mixed reality, xbox, Bluetooth devices, midi-connection (PianoVision), 3 different ways now to wirelessly connect for untethered PCVR, etc. etc.

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I don't think PCVR ever has been much better - I just made this thread for you 😉

In 2023 you got a full AAA like F1 2023, and it runs great with my Index. You got Vertigo 2, which some consider similar to Alyx (but I don't agree) - and you got 7th Guest, Arizona Sunshine 2, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Undead Citadel, Grimlord and much more. 

If you want maximum high-end, you got DCS and MS Flight Simulator 2020, which just got updated with new content. 

And you can play all the awesome originals:

- and more here:

I bet you have not even seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to awesome PCVR content. 

It's really first with the recent high-end gpus that you can truly enjoy games like Asgard's Wrath, Lone Echo 2, Stormland and more.

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I can understand the frustration with wanting more big AAA titles, but standalone does help grow the user base which benefits everyone long term. Fingers crossed as tech improves we'll continue to see more ambitious PCVR games. In the meantime, there really are some gems already if you dig a bit as Rune showed. Maybe someday we'll all be playing together seamlessly across platforms!