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Done With Oculus

Level 4

I might stick around if you guys had not required a FB account for this to work. I just bought this Rift S a couple months ago, but I will be selling it immediately after getting my taxes back. I will purchasing a new VR headset not Oculus. I detest Facebook and had I known it was required I would have spent my money elsewhere. Whatever Oculus idiot came up with that idea needs immediately fired.


Level 6

Don't worry, it's not just you. I recently introduced a friends kids to my Q1 - first time they tried VR, they loved it.


My friend is completely non-tech, doesn't care about privacy issues etc......but they wanted Dad to buy one.....but as soon as I mentioned it requires a facebook account - The kids started an argument over who's account and they didn't want a sibling peeking into theirs etc - There's some 'family' issues and Dad was concerned about what they could be exposed to in a sealed off environment etc.


But then I left taking my headset with me so not sure what happened after that!


Turned a simple decision into a complex one...

Level 3

cant you open up a FaceBook dummy account for this. create a bogus 'mr wonderfull' account or something?


Level 3

Despite my own feelings about Facebook I still proceeded to upgrade to the Quest 2 and make a Facebook account, simply because it's the best standalone wireless headset on the market. This makes it much easier for me to get my friends playing, and as as someone working in IT support, I don't want to perform troubleshooting just to play a game, even if I did have a VR-capable computer. The benefit of console gaming is it generally just works and allows me to use my leisure time as leisure time.


I can't deny that Facebook has propelled standalone VR to a wider audience and I imagine the price would be much steeper if they weren't involved. I think overall it's been good for VR to get more mainstream, because even tech enthusiasts such as myself might not realize how advanced VR gaming has become. I know when my acquaintance showed me the Quest 1, it was certainly eye opening. The first Quest got me excited about playing games again, and I can't wait to see how the tech evolves in the future, not just for gaming purposes.

@brian.hurren.75 wrote:

cant you open up a FaceBook dummy account for this. create a bogus 'mr wonderfull' account or something?


If Facebook thinks your account isn't your true identity, they will ban it and you'll lose any purchases from the oculus store.


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