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DoomVR has a slightly different travel system

Heroic Explorer

Doom VR takes this same tact but ends up feeling far more elegant thanks to a few subtle yet crucial tweaks. Rather than instantly shifting the camera from point A to point B, Doom makes you feel like you're dashing through the world with super speed: when you hold down the trigger of HTC Vive's left handheld controller, the world slows down, the audio drops into a deep rumble, and a bright blue aiming cursor appears. When you release the trigger, you see the world rush past as you dart to your selected destination. Being able to see how you got to where you're going while feeling like a time-bending badass in the process feels worlds better than the instantaneous, unceremonious perspective shift found in other VR games.

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Rising Star
That sounds like it would be cool the first few times you do it, but then it would get annoying...

Heroic Explorer

benplace said:

That sounds like it would be cool the first few times you do it, but then it would get annoying...

Yeah. But I felt the same way about the glory kills in Doom, and they actually turned out to be okay.

It's cool that they're experimenting with locomotion, it's far from a solved problem and it's nice to see a big studio take risks rather than leaving all the hard work to indie devs.

Expert Protege
Sounds awful, I just want to run around like in every other fps before it

Heroic Explorer
is there an option available for standard game pad movement(smooth movement)?  I prefer this over click turning and teleporting.

Heroic Explorer
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That sounds way cooler / more appropriate than the standard point-and-teleport mechanics that get shoe-horned into various VR games.  Also sounds like it could make someone's stomach lurch   (like in third-person games when the character moves too far too fast and the camera has to do some serious rubber-banding to catch up) but it will probably feel thrilling to those who can handle it.

I bet they'll do something similar for Fallout 4 VR, too.. maybe tie it into the Action Points / V.A.T. system, to restrict how often you can jump around. Something like... every X amount of teleport distance, or each attack or action made in slow-mo, uses up 1 AP.   So like, say you have 4 AP left, and a 10 ft teleport uses up 1 AP ... you could teleport up to 20ft across a room, then use your motion controls to carefully aim your gun wherever you want, and fire it twice, then you'd be out of AP and the game would go back to real-time and you'd lose your teleport ability and have to move through some other means.
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