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Efficient and Precise Interactive Hand Tracking from MICROSOFT Research

Honored Visionary
Not seen this posted. Interesting viewing.

See an example of 3D hand tracking research from Microsoft, in proceedings at SIGGRAPH 2016. Researchers created virtual controls that are thin enough that you can touch your fingers together to get an experience of touching something hard. They also developed sensory experiences that allow people to push against something soft and pliant rather than hard and unforgiving, which appears to feel more authentic.  More details here.

System Specs: MSI NVIDIA RTX 4090 , i5 13700K CPU, 32GB DDR 4 RAM, Win 11 64 Bit OS.

Heroic Explorer
This uses Kinect, so don't exspect to get the same result in your home.
This is the thirth time they try to find a purpose for it, this time it's motion in VR.
Ad each time the consumer tries to use it, it barely works. So while a nice idea, i have little fate in it.

Welcome to kinect lag. Makes for awful feedback for anything requiring accuracy.

Rising Star
Well, Kinect may be bad now, but the research going into it will propably lead to a more reliable system down the line, which could be useful for VR.