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Ethernet over USB and why I care

Level 2

Ethernet over USB has been disabled, as discussed in this thread.  I would like to present a use-case, that would greately benefit from it being reenabled.

Monitoring manufacturing processes with a lot (double digit) of cameras (and lots of VR monitors) is a match made in heaven for VR. I work on making such things possible, potentially via WebXR. Whilst I'm under NDA for details, I have this small demo with 3 cameras being live streamed to 3 browser windows instead.

All these cameras streaming really kills bandwith, especially once we get into double digit camera counts. I also want to stream my session to a Microsoft Teams meeting, so others can see, like in this OBS recording. But that get's quickly very laggy, with many camera sources bogging down Wifi and is not a fun monitoring experience. (You can see framerate taking, once I open up all 3 windows)

Having ethernet over USB is an excellent helper here. If possible, please consider reenabling it.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey FrostKiwi, thanks for reaching out to us with this suggestion! We applaud your dedication and efforts in researching the comparative differences between the efficiencies of using Ethernet over USB. To make sure the right people see this and that your voice is heard, please post it to our Ideas Forum! Just enter this link and click on the blue button labeled "Suggest an Idea".