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Extension cables and wall brackets that worked for me

Before I got my Touch, I did some research into extension cables for the Rift.  Here's an exact list of what I ended up working for me.  

I found one post where somebody used HTC Vive's Link box.  It's just a little powered HDMI/USB extension box.  I actually tested wtih 2x10ft cables at first.  Then I realized I could get away with just the 10 ft extensions.  Judging by the little research I've done, some people need the link box, some do not.  It depends on your motherboard.  If you're using a powered USB HUB, you may not need the link box.  The link box looked like it was sold out on Amazon, but I ordered it directly from and it showed up fairly quickly.  

USB 10ft (I also use this as an extension for Sensor #2)

HDMI 10ft

Link Box

Cables for Link Box to PC
USB 3ft
HDMI 3ft

Link Box power adapter.  Make sure you turn the voltage up.  It was set to 3V out of box.

I do recommend wrapping the USB and HDMI cable together.  It's bad enough haven't one long cable at your feet. I used these velcro straps to hold the the HDMI and USB cables together.  Some electrical tape may be less bulky and slide on the floor better. These strips seem to work fine and I have a carpeted room.

Also, if you plan on mounting the sensors on a ceiling or wall, these worked great.  You just unscrew the sensor from the standing base and screw them into the brackets.

I used some 3M strips like these so I didn't have to drill into my wall.

With regard to HDMI it is important that you use a HDMI repeater (small device that amplifies the HDMI signals for approx. 20 EUR) if total cable length gets close to 10 m or more. Using a repeater you should be able to use any HDMI cable classified as high speed.

P.S.: Rift seems to be sensitive to weak HDMI signal - had to use repeater after I installed a 3 m extension.