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First Impression of the Dev Kit

Level 2
I know there are a lot of first impressions out there so i dont know if it is really neccesary to write another one but while i was waiting for my Rift i really enjoyed reading about those impressions. Thats why im doing this anyway πŸ˜„

First of all thanks a lot to Sven who was giving me the demo.

the Edge guys said: Believe the hype
and yeah that is definitely true!

Resolution: Im not going to lie you can see the Pixels but its really not that big a deal. I think most enthusiasts wont care at all, like me. After reading all the post i thought it would be really bad. It kind of looks like this ( consider that your monitor needs to fill your whole fov so you need to look really close) :

FOV : Its awesome! it was mentioned here before its like looking through binoculars. Except its waaaay bigger. when i pushed the rift against my face, almost my entire vision was filled with the screen and i could actually see the side of the screen(only left and right) Dont expect it to be like 180 but it is reaallly really big πŸ™‚ so awesome!

Motion Sickness: For me not at all. I was sprinting through the cartoon world and had a lot of fun. There was this one time when i was trying the Helli hydra demo where i had this strange feeling just for 1 second and i think it was kind of motion sickness but it actually felt really cool. It was not like my stomach hurt it was more like my brain told me holy crap you literally are in a helicopter. It felt really intense. BUT it depends on the person my friend said he had a little motion sickness but he also said it was not that bad. he could easily live with it. its not like you need to puke πŸ˜„ i think in my case the little motion sickness helps the immersion because when you would be in a real helicopter you would also feel that. Its reaaaaaallly strange to describe it. But i think with a higher resolution and less motion blur(switching time of the pixels) for most people motion sickness wont be an issue at all.

3D and scale : I dont know i dont want to give people really high expectation but for me the 3d part felt like real life. Its sooooooo crazy. You always want to touch stuff. and you know exactly how tall things are. When you are in a room, then you feel like you are in the room. Forget about the 3d in cinemas. This is Real 3D

latency: Not really noticed.

Immersion : Best that you can have right know except maybe for some people not because of the pixels and the screen door.

also the rift was really comfortable to wear and i didnt notice the weight.

soooo all in all i tested the rift just for an evening so i dont know if i would have long term issues but i bet 100 bucks that i wont πŸ˜„
Do i recommend buying the rift?
for developers: of course!
for enthuasists: definitaly yes if you can live with some pixels.
for the average consumer: just wait for the consumer version it will be the coolest thing youve ever seen.

btw once i have my own rift i think im going to try to have a world record for longest gaming session in virtual reality πŸ˜„ still dont know which game im going to play for this.

at oculus : this is a childhood dream come true. you have done so much and i love you guys but now im going to start complaining about shipping again πŸ˜„
and of course keep working on my vr projects. πŸ˜‰

Level 2
thanks for sharing your first impression πŸ™‚

Level 4
Ok, now you got me more excited for my Rift than I already was (didn't think that was possible), you do know that you are just making the wait harder on us right?! Right???

Thanks for the post, I am glad to see another member of the Rifterhood enjoying the experience!

β€œIf you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all.” (~I really gotta remember this shiz~) ― Yogi Bhajan

Level 2
sry about that! πŸ˜„

Level 3
thanks for the post i really do like the impressions from people some may be a tad negative in some aspects but im glad to see that the overall view seems to be "wow this is the real deal" Good to hear. Ive yet to see one single post from someone who actually used it that says "the rift sucks" (i was curious i did a google search using "" in quotes "oculus rift sucks" there were only 7 returns. and only one of them actually said that (from some user who has not even tried it yet)

on contrast if you did a search for "world of warcraft sucks" you get 110,000 hits. haha. Though, for the record, I like world of warcraft and look foward to exploring its vast world "anew" with the rift once VorpX is released :-).

(and i just say that because i found lately people can be very overcritical of things i dont know maybe with so many things in the world now more people are less impressed by things. I am glad i am one of those people who are still impressed by the little things so i have no doubt i will be floored by this!

Level 2
"MrGeddings" wrote:
Ive yet to see one single post from someone who actually used it that says "the rift sucks" (i was curious i did a google search using "" in quotes "oculus rift sucks" there were only 7 returns. and only one of them actually said that (from some user who has not even tried it yet)

Yeah all impressions seem to be good so far. once the consumer version is out we will have a revolution in the gaming industry. so nice to live in this century πŸ™‚

Level 2
Very nice review! Looking forward to writing up one of these myself.

Level 2
Glad you aren't getting sick. XD

For me, the nausea is pretty severe, which is, unfortunately, rather off-putting.

So far, I've managed about 10-15 minutes at most, but then have to go lie down for half an hour or more to recover enough to be able to do anything else at all.

Seems like we're opposite extremes of this though.

Level 4
Good review πŸ˜„
Message to all don't be afraid to write up your first impressions even if there are loads around...there are still a lot of people who check every day for these write ups and love each and every one πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ makes the waiting for there rifts way easier to deal with....thanks peace πŸ˜„