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Flight Sim on Oculas

Level 2

I am an older gentleman and fly the older flight sim on my pc.  With my Oculas, I want to experience Flight Sim in VR.....I have read and read and can't understand or get started with obtaining the game, installing and using in combo with pc.

Would anyone help me with this?  I'm sure it is fairly simple and I am fairly intuitive with electronics but I just can't get get this started step by step.

Thank you.


Which Flight Simulator? Microsoft Flight Sim 2020? That is a beast of a game even without VR so you'll need a top-end gaming PC to do it justice? It's also tricky to get going in VR. Do you know the specifications of your PC? We might as well start there to see if what you want is even feasible.

Others, like DCS World, have lower requirements but still need reasonable hardware.