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Focus On You - Review - Life Simulator?

Level 15
Smilegate Entertainment released Focus on You yesterday, they also released Rogan: The Thief in the Castle. Quite the undertaking for a smaller developer. Anyway, before I start, this isn't adult VR before mods (looking at you Lzoltowski ❤️ ) decide to move this to the dedicated thread. Far from it. The fact it's on the Oculus Store, Playstation Store and Steam says it all, well not Steam because they went all floppy on adult content, but Sony especially who do not want any sort of adult content on their platform these days. That speaks volumes then about this. There was another game on Steam called ProjectM Daydream which is very similar coming from the Korean market. But I digress. Focus On You basically puts you into the shoes of a photography student who meets a girl from his school in the cafe where he works. You get chatting (as you do) and before not too long you're taking photos of her for a contest she is entering. This opens up various locales to take photos. That's pretty much it. Oh and I played this in its entirety using the Oculus Quest & Virtual Desktop PC streaming seated.

Here's An Edit of my SteamVR Review.

I played through Focus On You in 1 Hour 17 minutes and whilst it was fun (there are some other bits to mess around with post completion), I don't believe this is worth the asking price of £30 unless the developer adds more content. Think about it. £30 for 1 Hour 17 minutes is pretty high, too high I suspect given the content and likely to turn people off or they will wait for the sale. I pre-purchased this for just over £20 which is a fitting price, but that offer no longer exists for now. People complained at Vader Immortal and that offered more content than this for half the price. Go figure.

Focus On You doesn't contain any mini-games as such and it's all rather scripted. I would suggest it falls under "experience" rather than an actual  game. You cannot interact with Han Yua, although she does move away slightly if you try to get too-close to her. She will also look at you depending on your position. You visit various locations to take photos including a classroom, cafe, beach and even underwater. These are all well-realised although the lack of other people makes the world feel empty. You do get to converse via SMS with your sister and friends though. There are some neat interactive elements such as making drinks for Han Yua and interacting with mobile phone and laptop but these moments are short. The experience is strictly focused on telling a story offering players the choice of responses. You can even use a mic to speak the responses for a more immersive experience.


The Han Yua animations are really good though and the cute story taking pictures of her in various locations is well-made.  Some of the choices you have are a bit naive. There should have been more of a dating sim approach where you affect her mood and outcome depending on what choices you make during the conversations (see ProjectM Daydream on Steam which does this).  What also would have made the game better is a system of grading photos to encourage trying the scenes again to get a better photographic score. This would have helped replay quite a lot considering the game's focus is on photography. Sadly these ideas are just wishful thinking on my part. Once you beat the game you can use any unlocked/bonus outfits and hairstyles in any of the scenes and replay them. So it's quite amusing having her wear a bikini in the school classroom for example.  There are some nice costumes but the developer should go to town adding more including some silly additions.


As mentioned, you can use voice commands when the responses are required, but these use points which you are given 150 to start with. You have to purchase more via micro-transactions which is a bit poor considering the high asking price.  My advice then is to wait until it reduces again. But I suspect the developer will lower the price once people read more reviews and decide it's not worth £30. 


Overall, this is a nice experience and completely innocent. This helps it but is also its biggest downfall. As it stands it's aimed at younger players but I don't think younger players make up the biggest demographic for VR given the high cost of entry. No adult content as a DLC extra or unlockable means this game (unlike VR Kanojo which offered adult and non-adult gameplay) will fall along the wayside. I doubt the developer will add adult content either, but perhaps the modding community will. Either way, the model does look fairly young so there's that issue as well.

To conclude, Focus on You is a pleasant experience,  has good locations, a sweet story and excellent character animations. However, it's over-priced and offers limited replay value.  It could be a whole lot more of a game with some tweaks and additions. I can only recommended at a lower price.

System Specs: ASUS NVIDIA RTX 3090 TUF GAMING OC 24GB , i9 9900K CPU, 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, Win 10 64 Bit OS.

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I have this on PS. I have enjoyed it despite it being unrealistically naïve. Hadn't noticed it here as I have a Quest and no VR-PC yet. Far too expensive but with so few options they can do that. Would very much like to see the story developed further but they couldn't do that realistically without going in a more adult direction to some degree? Despite what you claim the female character is obviously sexually mature in appearance.

Level 15
They also added a photo studio DLC mode.

System Specs: ASUS NVIDIA RTX 3090 TUF GAMING OC 24GB , i9 9900K CPU, 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, Win 10 64 Bit OS.