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Fogging / Sweat Soak

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This may seem like a strange question but has anyone had issues with lens fogging while using the rift in a hot environment? Does the unit start to slip when a user sweats, or does the foam quickly saturate or start to degrade if you sweat a lot while using the Rift?

With products like the OMNI I wonder if the Oculus will suffer any of these issues.
Could a "sports" model of the rift with sweat resistant (or washable) bands and water-repellant materials be an option?
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I live in the tropics, when I had a DK1 I got a bit of fogging but not too bad. If I recall correctly there were some venting holes across the top and bottom of the rift. I didn't use it for a proper sim race though which is when I get quite hot. I have a desk fan blowing directly on me to try and keep cool so hopefully this will be enough to have a bit of airflow through the rift but it could be a bit of an issue for me. Usually after a good race I'm drenched in sweat even with the air-con and desk fan.

A friend in the Military used these in the past to avoid fogging
So I guess a 40mm fan could be attached on top of the dk2 and powered by the port on top.
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"fudspong" wrote:
Ah there's some comedy gold in this thread, thanks guys.

But this question is relevant to my interests. Here in Western Australia the summers can get a bit . . . well, "scorchio" is one way to put it I guess, and here's poor broke me having spent my air conditioner savings fund on a VR headset instead. I may have to drill drip holes in the bottom of the Rift to let the sweat out.

Actually I was seriously thinking about a replaceable terry towelling grommet for where the sponge rubber meets the face, to help soak up the juices. Have a few of them on hand so you can quickly change them over once they are full. Any thoughts?


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I'm using FOGTECH anti fog on my karting helmet visor(rainy days mostly) and it is working perfectly.

The DK2 box comes with not one but two!, Silica Gel packets, quite big ones too!

Yes, the lenses fog up.

The foam won't degrade because if you're sweating you pretty much have no choice but to take the Rift off and wait until you cool down.

My solution is to have a fan on nearby, if i don't i can't use it (when the house is warm).
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"JaMiR" wrote:
I'm using FOGTECH anti fog on my karting helmet visor(rainy days mostly) and it is working perfectly.

I use a similar spray on my Motorcycle visor. 😄

Looking forward to built in fans

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On the topic of lenses fogging; but first how I came upon an "accidental" solution.

My facial interface was peeling from where the foam meets the plastic. To the point that the glue was seeping out and as I was cleaning the lenses it was getting on them and smearing (not to worry, the lenses were cleaned and are fine now).

So rather than buying a replacement from Oculus, I decided to go with VRCovers and bought the velour replacements they offer (it requires there facial interface, as well).

Long story short, I was having issues with fogging all of the sudden and was pleased to notice it was solved after I installed the VR Cover. I think its because the fabric "pillow" is more breathable; I don't sweat as much and the lenses do not fog up anymore.

Just a quick solution I accidentally discovered and wanted to share. 😉

I experienced this a handful of times after going for a run around the neighborhood and then trying to jump in VR. My body heat is too high due to the run, and the lenses fog up instantly. Easiest solution is turn on a fan to bring down your body heat a bit (and drink a bunch of water).

But if the environment is hot itself, then that's not so good for any of the hardware. Definitely invest in a cooling unit if possible.

Just now realized the date of the original post lol