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For F.P.S./Walking Sims., Multiple Available Options For Choosing How to move is...

Level 7

Level 5
I really cant see FPS arena games like Quake or UT working when half the people are teleporting around the map

Level 9

I completely agree with Conan the Bulgarian, but maybe they could group those who chose a certain control method together so that you all fight in the same way without an advantage?

Sigh.. Unreal Tournament... such happy memories... Deck 16 was like my second home back then.

Teleporting or not, if I could visit deck 16 again in VR id probably cry so much my tears would fill up my HMD.

"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln 

Level 5
Even with single player games teleporting would change the game mechanics so much that it wouldn't work without completely changing the game

Storming an enemy base would be to easy if you could just teleport behind enemies and cap them from behind