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Formal Complaint

Level 4

Anybody know if Oculus have a formal complaints procedure? Thanks


If you bought it from a 3rd party, deal with them.  If you bought it from Oculus and live in the UK, I have no advice.  If you live outside the UK, peruse them through whatever government agency deals with malfeasance. 

That has not been my experience. 

Level 4

Not in the UK.  

Hi, I have exactly the same issue as you from fault type to support responses. How are you getting on with it now?


They have had mine since 6th Jan and still no word on what is going on. 

Level 3

Still waiting now 15 weeks since I sent it back, I told them I wanted to make a formal complaint, they did not reply to that but did give me a credit note to buy a game, they also said it will expire within one year from today. so not sure if I will get the headset back in time!!

You say they have had it since the 6th Jan? Can you please confirm which year?

If you are talking 2022, you will have to come back in a couple of months. 

Yes 2022. I wouldn’t mind so much had they not said I’d get a replacement in 2 to 5 working days. I’m generally having a bad experience with them. They are pleasant enough but transparency and communication is woeful. 

Ahh you've only had the 2-5 days so far. 
Keep at them, you will get the "24 hours" and then a few  weeks later the "This has been escalated to our highest team". 

Throw in a few "We are doing everything in our power to get a replacement to you" and you will soon be on the way to the Oculus Bingo of excuses full house.. 

For additional amusement ask them for a physical address and contact for a body legally responsible for the administration of warranty claims.  

Level 3

I asked for a address to complain by letter and was told  "We currently do not have any physical address that we can receive this kind of feedback."

Facebook the owner of Oculus net worth is $659.53 billion but the only way to contact them is by email & have no formal complaint procedures.

What a joke