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Formal Complaint

Level 4

Anybody know if Oculus have a formal complaints procedure? Thanks


Level 13

Go on a lengthy rant on here, thats about all you can do.

but do not clog up support tickets for customers that need real help.

Now the snark is out of the way, what is your real problem?  Maybe i can help you.



Level 4

Late December 2020

I bought a brand new Rift S,  I raised a support request for said Rift S.


Jan 2021

i spend most of my days re-producing the issue, gathering logs & submitting logs to support.

I'm given a refurbished Rift S headset not having my brand new one even a month, i sent it back at their request.


February 2021

i was told that my support experience would be reviewed when i questioned about compensation for my time, efforts & patience - issue still not resolved at this point.


March 2021

I identified the root cause and provided support with the issues that are causing port-reset failed issues. turns out to be faulty batch of optical cables.

i have been told i will not be given goodwill or compensation for the lack of support or the inconvenience caused.


Absolute sham. So i will continue to raise support tickets until my voice is heard.


"Thanks for reaching back out. We will not be able to provide additional compensation for going through the standard warranty process. If you require additional assistance please reach back out to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. "


If the standard warranty process takes 3 months, a customer to troubleshoot and identify problems and support claims no inconvenience then that’s an absolute sham. If anything it's fraud.

i've come out of it with a B stock Rift S which i have paid full price for & all lost time writing 35+ emails detailing the issues. It's an absolute joke. So i don't consider my ticket to be clogging up the system when my complaint is well and truly justified.

Heres my honest take, i work in the manufacture of medical devices so my components need to be 100% compliant to customer and patient specs.  Failure of my devices while is possible, takes about 3 months to fully process from customer complaint to reimbursement.

The rift s is a luxury product so support is tricky as they need to fully assess, the problem before any fix could be made.

There are global supply chains that deeply impacted by covid 19 shutdowns, a place i used to work which made data and power transmission cables recently closed, so supply of cables is limited during this trying time.


The support techs are trying to solve issues but sometimes don't have full picture until they have the actual product in hands for testing and diagnostic purposes.


Sometimes it could your pc, so until they have the unit in hands its hard for them to judge.

As far as refurbishment, there are many times this is an acceptable option, granted its gone through the same quality assurance procedures, a new unit goes through.


I once had an lg flatscreen tv, take 4 months to fully resolve, so a rift s taking 3 months is not unheard of.


Perhaps the 35+ emails was a bad move on your part, did they actually provide insight?  Or did they just vent to oculus.

that's a back and forth email chain. 35 is my responses to their requests for detail.


if i employ a plumber to fit a new bathroom and he says i broke your toilet and taps that you ordered but i got some taps and same spec toilet from a customer who returned them, it's fine i've washed them down with a hose and some disinfectant, are you happy to pay full price? nah. so why would i be happy with this.


My point here is, Oculus customer service is a sham. i couldn't give two hoots about the headset anymore, the customer experience is bad. somebody needs to know about it.

might i also add, as the customer experience is bad, i plan on shying every person i know away from Oculus. No word of mouth and i do not intend to pay for any additional services from Oculus. That in itself is down to Oculus support. I'm sure the sales and dev team will be happy to know that future revenues are affected as a result.

I worked in plumbing in college, a toilet would be no no due to license and inspection requirements.  There is a rigorous inspection process with plumbing, the toilet had to have a destruction record.

Valves and pipes were re-used (except drainage and waste) from time to time.  Most could be rebuilt to save cost.

Plumbing is not a comparable service to a luxary device. 

That is your prerogative to shame oculus, but let me put it this way there are over 4 million current users a month between quest 2 / quest / and rift.  They do not have the time to deal with 35 drawn out emails, and supply a unit out of thin air overnight. 

I'm sure it could be many millions more if they actually delivered a decent support experience.


Customers would buy more from the store.


Also the rift s sits on my face. That's a pretty personal act, just like taking a dump.


Sounds relevant to me.

Level 3

Here in Australia we have a thing called the ACCC, (The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) maybe try to look for something similar depending on where you are from, they would deal with Oculus for you.

Luxury item or not, you paid for a service and it didn’t meet your expectations then you are entitled to your money back. 

Hope this helps.